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5 Tips to finding a heavy duty equipment rental company in your area

Dіѕсuѕѕ уоur project wіth thе buіldеr

Whether you are planning on building your dream house, starting a garden project, digging a deep hole in your lawn for that lavish swimming pool or planning a major renovation in your home, you would most likely need the help of heavy equipment and tool. You see, even with a platoon of the most skilled and experienced construction workers, building or creating the above designs will definitely take a long time. And we all know that time is the most precious resource one has.


For better efficiency and practicality in implementing these construction or renovation projects, renting heavy equipment tools such as backhoes, loaders, cranes, forklifts and other equipment will surely finish the job faster. With these heavy equipment tools, timelines will definitely be shorter, which will give you more time to discuss and plan should you want some adjustments and innovations. Plus, the consistent quality that these equipment and tools offer is something that human manpower will have a hard time beating.

Therefore, you better start searching for that heavy equipment rental near me before you start your dream project. And to help you with just that, here are 5 tips in finding the best heavy equipment rental company for you.

1. Network

networkOne of the most reliable and easiest sources of information is your network of contacts. Try to ask those people in your network that have started similar projects in the past about their experiences and if they have contracted equipment rental companies. And once they give you some company names, you can start your search from there. Also, try to inquire about some firsthand tips in dealing and negotiating with these companies. Things like, what kind of package they got or the optimal renting scheme to maximize budget and efficiency, will surely make your search a lot easier.

2. Referrals

Referrals are also one of the easier methods in getting a rental company. Furthermore, with your referral, you should expect getting discounts and priority services. Thus, make sure to ask around your friends if they know some rental companies and if they can refer you to them.

3. Internet

InternetYup, the internet being one of the most popular platforms for almost anything today will surely have information about heavy equipment rental companies around your area. With a simple Google search, you will be surprised by how many heavy equipment rental companies are there in your area. Although, I wouldn’t be so sure about all of them being accurate. Therefore, make sure that you do enough background research on the company’s site before you contact them for a possible deal.

4. Crowdsourcing in social media

The social media is a very powerful tool, especially for crowdsourcing. Just post a “looking for heavy equipment rental company” in your social media account and set privacy into “as a public post” and you will surely be able to receive comments and replies within the day at most. Filter these posts and select those that you deem reliable and worth looking into.

5. Print Ads, Magazines

Never forget the traditional media such as television, newspapers, magazines, and flyers. Construction magazines especially are very useful as they contain reviews about rental companies and some tips and know-how in construction and renovation projects.

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