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5 Ways to Care for Your Garden While You are Traveling

Care for Your Garden While You are Traveling

If you’re planning to spend some time away from home, it’s important to know how to care for your garden to protect the plants you’ve worked so hard to care for and cultivate. Check out these helpful tips to maintain the health of your garden, even when you’re traveling.

  1. Eliminate the Weeds

Take-out-weedsSeveral days before you plan to leave, take some time to remove weeds from your garden. Weeds will compete with the plants for the water in the soil, which could cause your greenery to wilt due to dehydration. Depending on the season, you may also need to trim the grass. If you do so, pile the clippings near your garden beds to provide natural mulch that helps the plants retain water more efficiently.

  1. Prepare for the Weather

Take a look at the weather forecast for the days you’ll be away and plan accordingly. If hot temperatures are on the horizon, consider adding a drip irrigation line that will provide your plants with water while you’re away. If colder temperatures are coming, you may want to cover the beds with tarps or place a lightweight blanket over the top of your plants to prevent them from freezing. Wind can also cause harm to your garden, so take some time to tie and stake any plants that may need some extra security.

  1. Harvest the Garden

    harvest the garden

If you grow fruits or vegetables in your garden, pick any produce that is ripe before you leave. On certain plants, ripe produce that isn’t removed can cause the plant to stop bearing, which means you won’t get much more until the next growing season. Depending on how long you will be gone, you may want to remove any fruits or vegetables that are nearly ripe and allow them to finish ripening in your kitchen.

  1. Treat for Pests

When you’re watering and tending to your garden daily, you can keep an eye out for pests. However, if you go away for a while, the pests may start to infest your greenery as they can do so undisturbed. In order to prevent these pests from damaging your plants, treat your garden for the most worrisome of the bunch. Caterpillars, aphids, certain types of beetles, and slugs tend to be the most destructive.

Spiders can also be problematic — while some eat harmful insects, the presence of certain species is dangerous and could threaten the safety of your outdoor space. Take some time to implement a spider pest control solution, as well as to put out repellents that will keep other damaging pests away.

  1. Provide Plenty of Water

old-man-watering-gardenAs close to your departure time as possible, head out to the garden and deeply water each bed to make sure they’re hydrated. Potted plants also need some care and attention before you head out, so don’t forget about these greens. If you’re planning to be gone for more than a few days, consider placing your potted plants in a plastic pool filled with several inches of water.

Protect your garden by taking a few steps to vacation-proof it before you leave. By preparing your plants for your departure, you can reduce the risk of coming home to a brown, overgrown outdoor space.

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