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6 Signs It’s Time for a New Roof


A well-maintained roof is a crucial part of your house. It plays a role in your home’s overall appearance, protects the structure, and keeps your family safe.

Over time, even the toughest roofing system deteriorates. This is when the services of the best roofing contractors become necessary for installing a new roof.

Deciding to replace the roof isn’t easy and you need to ensure that it’s the right call. Below are some of the signs that it’s time for a new roof:

1. Roof Leaks

Roof LeaksAccording to Top Glaze’s article, one of the best ways to look for leaks on your roof is to check your attic, preferably right after a rain. Serious leaks are more likely to happen inside your house if you see signs of water intrusion.

Checking for ice dams is also vital. Ice dams happen whenever the snow on your roof melts and freezes up again. As water continues running down your roof and you encounter ice dams, it may start to run under your roof shingles and make its way into your house.

If the leaks are confined to a particular area on your roof, you might not need a new roof replacement. However, in some cases, if the leaks are serious and require costly and extensive repairs, it might be time to get a new roof.

2. Mold and Algae Growth

Mold and algae are warning signs that your roof requires replacement to continue performing. It’s an indicator of a big problem underneath and once it’s not repaired quickly, it may result in your roof collapsing.

If you don’t want this to happen, contact your preferred roofing specialists to get a new roof as soon as possible.

3. Shingles Are Curling

Shingles Are CurlingYour roof shingles may curl in two ways. First is clawing in which the edges stay flat and the middle begins to come up. The other one is cupping, which occurs when the shingles’ edges turn upward.

Both are signs of weathering and indicate that issues, like leaks, are close to fruition. Depending on the curling’s extent, it might be anywhere from a year or two before you’ll need a new roof. But, if you have the budget, make sure to replace it sooner.

4. Shingle Granules

Another sign that your roof has seen better days is a buildup of shingle granules and grit in your gutters. The older your shingles get, the more granules you’ll see. Likewise, if you see much of the asphalt layer on your roof shingles, it means that the end of your roof’s lifespan is near.

If you have a metal roof, check for any rust, damage, or loose panels. For roofs that are constructed from wood or tile shingles, loose or damaged shingles mean that it’s likely time to replace your old roof.

If you have a flat roof, UV degraded surfaces and fish mouth seams indicate that you should get a new roof immediately. If you’re having second thoughts, hiring a roofing inspector to diagnose your roof’s signs of aging is always a good idea.

5. Roof Cracks

Man's hand finger pointing roof CracksOften, cracked shingles are due to wind damage. If only a few shingles have cracks, replacing them is a practical solution. But if the cracks spread randomly on your roof, it’s a tell-tale sign that roof replacements are necessary.

When you notice widespread cracks upon inspecting your roof shingles, it’s best to replace your roof within the next few years. You may also check for cracks by going to your attic and see if there’s light coming in. This is a sign that your roof has cracks and holes, which you must immediately fix. Depending on how serious the cracks on your roof are, it might be time to get a new roof.

6. Excessively High Energy Bills

High cooling and heating bills can be from energy escaping due to poor insulation and ventilation in your home, most particularly in your roof and attic. Aside from the signs listed above, noticing a spike in your energy bills indicates that your roof is under-performing and needs a new replacement.


A new roof must last for at least 15 years, but if sub-par materials are used and it’s installed improperly, don’t expect your roof to protect your home for many years.

If you see the signs mentioned above, take action immediately and call the best roofing contractor for a new roof.

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