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6 – Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

With so many health benefits to a great night’s sleep, it’s vital for people to get the recommended eight hours. Whether it’s your gel memory foam mattress, finding the perfect wind-down playlist, or enjoying a soothing cup of herbal tea, everyone has a routine to help drift off into a comfortable sleep night after night.

That said, even if you’ve done everything right, sometimes environmental factors can influence your ability to sleep soundly. Avoid Goldilocks’ nightmare (too hot/cold/firm/soft) by following these top tips and make your bedroom the haven you deserve.

1. Put Your Devices to Bed

switch off your devicesAlthough this might be easier said than done, there are loads of studies that show when you switch off your devices 1-2 hours before bedtime, your sleep improves. Not only is the light from your smartphone damaging to your sleep, but having those work emails ping off at any time is not helping. Trust the experts and turn those phones off!

2. Lighting

Wait until it gets dark and check your bedroom thoroughly to find out where any light might be sneaking in from. Try closing any gaps in your curtains with clothes pegs or binder clips to keep out those pesky streetlamps or pick up some blackout curtains. If you’re still struggling to keep your bedroom dark, then a quality eye mask might be just what you need to help your eyes relax.

3. Minimize the outside noise

get your bedroom quiet enough,Noises from outside or even within your own home can be detrimental to sleeping patterns as they prevent the brain from fully switching off. If you can’t get your bedroom quiet enough, consider investing in a good pair of earplugs or white noise machine to help minimize the sounds keeping you awake.

4. Hot and Cold

According to the National Health Foundation, the ideal sleeping temperature for adults is between 60 – 67’F, so try to set your thermostat somewhere around this mark for the ideal bedtime warmth. Alternatively, you could invest in a gel memory foam mattress with cooling technology to ensure your body’s temperature is regulated all night long.

5. Invest in the Right Mattress

Invest in the Right MattressThe founder of ‘Bad Backs’, Felicity Wood, likens having the wrong mattress to “heading off for a run in an ill-filling shoe” – ouch!

To be sure of finding the perfect mattress, start by setting yourself a budget and being sure to get the best quality materials you can within that budget. Secondly, consider the type of mattress you need: Although historically pocket spring mattresses have been popular, lately, there’s a rise in memory foam, premium foam, and even gel memory foam mattresses being considered the best for your back.

Everyone has their own preference so there’s no exact mattress that is the best, all you can do is head out to the stores and test, test, test until you find the perfect level of the firm, relaxing, and comfortable for you.

6. Don’t Underestimate Your Pillows

Although this might seem like a minor one, if you don’t have the right pillows, you could be opening yourself up to a night of stress and mornings filled with aches. Aim for a pillow that offers plenty of support and is the right length for your shoulders and neck so you can wake up feeling refreshed, not stretched.

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