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A Guide on How to Replace Garage Door Side Springs

Replace Garage Door Side Springs

Garage door side springs help you to ensure the weight of your garage door is counterbalanced; hence opening it becomes a lot easier. When carrying out professional garage door repair in Maple Ridge area, follow the following criteria.

1. Ensure Safety

replacing the pulleysReplacing garage door springs can be very risky to an individual while replacing the pulleys ensures the garage door is open. Ensure you’re out of the garage door side springs way when the door is closed.

Whenever you need to replace your garage door side springs ensure the safety of your surroundings, including your property. The car should not be in the garage when conducting this process.

Disengage the opener from your door and weigh it for accuracy.

Once you open the garage door, you place a ladder directly underneath the opening of the door to ensure the bottom of the door rests on the ladder top to avoid any accident resulting in injuries.

2. Make Work Environment Comfortable

When you adhere to all these, you can now proceed to unplug your garage door opener and disengage it from the door.

The last thing you would want is someone closing the door while you’re working, which would be risky.

The next step is to pull down the garage doors manual safety release to enhance the easy movement of the door. Do a double-check to ensure the bottom of the garage door lands on top of your ladder.

Weigh the garage door and shake it to loosen rollers to get accurate results for the side that needs fixing.

Put the C-clamps on the right and left side of tracks on the garage door.

3. Check the Conditioning of the Equipment

Garage Door Side Springs repairAfter doing this check, if the C-clamps rest below the track, last rollers then remove the pulley clip from the end of your old spring.

If your side springs are not of equal measurement, change the location of one S-hook, so when you close the door, they become equal in terms of length.

A secured eye –bolt on a piece of wood shows that there is a need to loosen the bolt to remove the side springs.

Oiling the rollers on your garage door keeps your door smoothly running for years to come. This also helps improve and prolong the longevity of cables and pulleys.

Re-engage the garage door opener and plug in the power cord while adjusting the pressure as needed.

The method and procedure one chooses to follow for a garage door repair in Uxbridge is solely an individual preference, which they see will fit perfectly what they want as the final product.

Some importance one gains by replacing the garage door springs are;

Counteract the gravity force on the door;

Makes the lifting process easy for the users;

Ensure there is balance, and the garage door runs smoothly.

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