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A luxurious living in truck

living in truck
Mobile homes are getting popular these days rather anything that is mobile gets popular. People like to have all the comforts wherever they go and in what so ever conditions. Living Is.be has created a fully equipped truck with a comfortable double bed, kitchen stove and even a bathtub inside the truck. Due to good quality suspension used in the truck makes the living quite comfortable. The whole set is crafted on the truck bed and it is fully functioned living space. What a wonderful idea to have each and every comfort on a truck and you can enjoy like home anywhere you go.

Living in truck can be taken even to the jungle or on bad roads and you will find no difference in the comfort level. Very ideal for couples who want to enjoy life with the luxuries of home and want to go outing most of the time. People living in cities are generally fed up of the city life and want to go to some open space but they cannot live without the luxuries of modern life. Here is a solution for those who think alike.