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Bausch Tassimo coffee brewer goes low on noise and high on speed

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The single-cup coffee expert Tassimo has joined hands with Bosch in creating an all-new coffee brewer that you will love to make a part of your kitchen. The Tassimo Disc (T-disc) consists of an exact measure of ingredients (coffee, chocolate, tea, concentrated milk) that you would want to make your beverage with. It is sealed to preserve the flavor of the ingredients. The T-Disc is inserted in the LED-interfaced component of the brewer and your favorite drink in its most refined form is made ready for you to sip.

The Bausch Brewer is better than the Braun Brewer that unlike the Braun Brewer, it does not want to let the whole world know that it is working by making a loud noise. Like a worthy worker, it not only works silently but also brews up your favorite drink faster and uses lesser energy. It clearly outdoes the conventional drip-makers too. With a 67 ounce capacity you need not bother about filling it up frequently and even its irritating water run off problem has been taken care of by Bosch. Moreover it is priced at only $140. It is available in a number of hot shades like Silk Silver, Glamour Red, Morning Sun Orange and Magic Black.

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