Eight amazing foosball tables to entertain your guests

amazing foosball tables

Foosball is commonly referred to as table soccer. It is a wonderful indoor sport played all over the planet. It can be described as an improvised football play that is played with handles and rods containing various figures to hit the ball. The players have to push the ball to the opposite goal and try to block their goal as well. Usually foosball tables are made of wood. Below we are listing eight amazing foosball tables to entertain your guests.

1. Barbie foosball table

Barbie Foosball Table

This barbie foosball table was designed by a french designer Chloe Ruchon. The macho game of football has got a feminine twist through this table. It is a fun playing with this table and it will be unusually loved by girls.

2. World’s largest foosball table

Largest Foosball Table

This is the the world’s largest foosball table, a feast for football lovers. XXL table is very huge that two full foosball teams, that is 22 players can play. This will be a real challenge for the players without setting foos on real field. This bog table was built by Amsterdam brewer Amstel during the time of European Champions League Finals. This might not be the fanciest table for foosball in history, but still you will like it. To ship it, you will need six flight cases.

3. Foosball coffee table

Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball coffee table is a duel purpose table as it is a built-in table for foosball game. The table is 20 inch high and is made of solid poplar. It facilitates you to either sit or kneel down and play by holding the wood handles of your team. It is possible to direct your hard shots and movements with accuracy which is made available through stout polypropylene construction. The field consists of light and decorations of soccer details like penalty spot, half way line, soccer pitch, center circle, etc. All of these is covered with a glass top. The ends of the table has the score board and ball return facility. The tables dimensions are 43 inch long, 34 inch wide and 20 inch high. This table costs $359.95. This item is currently not available.

4. Hybrid virtual foosball table

Virtual Foosball Table

This virtual foosball table is really a wonderful product for foosball lovers as they exclaim ‘its wonderful to hit avatars’. Its design is a mixed reality design. This table is designed by taping black strips to each rod of a normal foosball table. Here, unlike regular foosball tables, the rods are not rotated by real-life players, instead the set up camera registers and tracks the motion. Here the actual players can watch the motions of avatars and can go after them.

5. LEGO Star Wars foosball table

Lego Star Wars table

This is a Star Wars foosball table that is available for both the fans of foosball as well as Star Wars. The players are replaced by mini figures of LEGO Star Wars. The table is made of LEGO bricks which makes it an epic. This table takes you to the LEGO land of fantasy and fun is guaranteed.

6. 2eleven foosball table of the future

2eleven  Foosball Table

2eleven foosball table is a compact one that includes a lot of fun. It is a pre-built table. Though it is not as elaborate and huge as the other foosball tables, it does not fail to amaze the users with its pair of LCD displays which is mainly built to cast advertisements. There is an automatic ball lift mechanism available along with cup holders. This type of foostables are not generally intended to be placed in homes, but if placed it is sure to give a different experience to your guests.

7. The foosball table of kings

Lux gold foosball table

The Lux gold foosball table is one of the world’s largest and most precious luxury tables that a foot ball lover may preserve. It is made up stainless steel and gilded with various colors. The most famous of these colors is golden color which gives a rich look to it. This table costs $29,724.

8. Chelpa Ferro’s foosball table

Chelpa Ferro table

This Chelpa Ferro foosball table is a greatly modifies table that one cannot identify it as a foosball table at first glance. This table was designed by Chelpa Ferro. This product is an outcome of great imagination, which has an overhead light and speakers all around the table. It gives sound effect based on the movements and it is wonderful that it can be considered to be the ninth wonder of the world.

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