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Are You Looking for the Top Electrician Wollongong in NSW?

Top Electrician Wollongong in NSW

Who knew that installing electrics in a home could be so complicated, well for me at least, all the colors and cables needing to match soon became overwhelming when I tried to look interested in the job at hand.

Of course, when it comes to the professionals this is just another walk in the park, no task or job too big or small, and was one of the main features that appealed to us as a family when it came to finding someone to wire the house up.

We don’t live in a castle or have a 3-story business premise that needed electrics throughout, a modest 5-bedroom home is what we are building, but a mammoth task for us to tick off the to-do list nonetheless.

We spent plenty of hours after dinner each evening doing research and homework on who to choose, what makes a great electric installation company, and could they provide the services we needed to get the job done. After too many glasses of wines, we narrowed the list down to three options and proceeded to have a consultation booked and quotes drawn up.

Knowing who to use or who you can trust and rely on to do the work can be daunting, even more so if you are new to the whole building-your-home situation.

At the end of the day, all you want is peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands and not at a fire risk because you opted for the easy route of using Uncle Joe from down the road who did electrics at school for one semester 30 years ago.

And fear not, you are not alone in this predicament, plenty of other people have taken the initial step to begin a building project and felt light-headed by how entailed it all becomes, and quicker than you expected. See this link and how the experience was handled by others, what they did to ease the anxiety, and how they came out the other end unscathed.

4 Factors to consider when looking for a qualified electrician.

qualified electricianUndoubtedly a firm that has a legitimate website with proudly displayed customer reviews is an ideal scenario, but it may not all come together so easily, digging a little deeper can save you a lot in the future not only from a headache perspective but most importantly, financially.

  • This is where we did well, we took our time to search for what we thought was the full-package we needed for the job, and they had great comments on the webpage, and had been in business for more than 20 years.
  • Qualifications. Our company had up to date certifications and qualifications in the latest courses, equipment, and techniques, thus we felt safe knowing they had done the necessary training and work for what we were looking for.
  • Quotes. It may not be all about trying to ‘play one firm up against another’ but more so to ensure that the price you have been given is average for the region and tasks to be completed. Don’t go with the first person you find and pay double than what you were supposed to, match them up against one another, and then make a calculated decision.

There is always someone out there looking to make a ‘quick buck’ as the saying goes, but choosing the right man for the job is easier than it looks. For a quick helping hand on all things electric check out hottelectrics.com.au or similar sites and see the services and personalized solutions that could just be the answer, you have been looking for.

  • The last thing you need is to feel uneasy and awkward when sitting down and discussing what you want completing from your electrician, make sure you feel comfortable with the person you’ll be letting into your home and that you have faith in his abilities. 

Becoming an electrician.

The first thing we think of when pursuing a career is the studying and commitment involved, and when it comes to electrics a basic level of at least 2 to 4 years is required to become fully qualified.

Time spent as an apprentice is a must if you want to have hands-on knowledge and experience, as someone who comes from the hospitality industry and who completed 4 long years of full-time study and employment the difference from a simple student to someone who has got their hands dirty is night and day. 

What makes for a great electrician?

electrician doing some repairsWhen it comes to attributes of a good electrician the list is fairly long, we will take a look at some of the more common traits employers look for and what makes one person stand out more than the next.

This is something we considered high on our list of priorities when deciding on our electric company, leadership. Knowing the person isn’t afraid should a situation not go point-for-point according to the handbook and he can adjust things slightly to stay on course. He will take control of the situation without breaking a sweat.

Attention to detail is another major factor because we know how quickly a human-error can be over-looked, and soon spiral out of control, then before you know it you’re back to square one.

This leads us to problem-solving as he continues, and ultimately communication, keeping you informed of all niggles that rise to the surface and how he plans to solve them if it is worth being concerned about.

Lastly, we would hope that our electrician is of some physical fitness ability, often they need to get into tight spaces, or climb multiple flights of stairs as it was in our case, having a sweaty and huffing technician is not a good company representation in our eyes.

Either way, you end up deciding to make sure you take a minute to look through everything, the fine print, the big print, and if you can get a family member or friend as a recommendation all the better.

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