Benefits of Having the Best Pool Heater In Your Home

Benefits of Having the Best Pool Heater

Pools are a great feature in every home. They offer great recreational benefits to all users at the same time giving them a seamless leisure experience.

This experience can sometimes be hampered when pools get too cold during the winter and, less frequently, get too hot in the summer. The best pool heater 2020 is a solution to the variation in pool temperatures. Hence, if you have a pool and want to avoid the cold temperature it may experience, it’s best to invest in a pool heater.

Best Pool Heater In Your HomeThe best pool heaters offer the following benefits:

1. Energy Efficiency

Pool heaters are energy-efficient appliances. The three main types of heaters are:

  • Gas Pool Heaters: This type of pool heaters make use of gas sources to generate heat energy for the pool. They’re fast and generate minimal emissions from gas combustion cycles.
  • Electric Pool Heaters: This type of pool heater utilizes electrical power for generating heat energy into the pool. Heat pumps and electrical resistance pool heaters are common types of electric pool heaters. These options generate quick heating results and use up minimal electrical power.
  • Solar Powered Pool Heaters: This type of pool heaters harvest the sun’s rays through solar panels. They produce heat energy via the heating elements contained in the solar panels. This type of heater offers the best energy efficiency properties.

The most energy-efficient types are the solar-powered pool heaters and the heat pump. By using electrical power, heat pumps generate heat by converting how air from the surrounding area to heat energy.

Advances in technology have ensured that gas and electrical resistance pool heaters produce higher yield from energy consumed. These two options are well known for the speed at which they get the water’s temperature up, which can be a great compromise. The faster the heat is generated, the lower the energy is consumed.

2. Dual Heating and Cooling Functionalities

Pool heaters are often assumed to be useful only for elevating pool temperatures. However, they can also be used to decrease pool temperatures in the event of hot weather. This functionality is referred to as a reverse-cycle. This means that the pool heater does the exact opposite of what it would typically do, which is to heat the pool.

The two heat pump types that have this ability are heat pumps and solar swimming pool heaters. This functionality can come in handy for the summer season when the temperature gets considerably higher.

3. Timeless Swimming

Swimmers often have to refrain from swimming when the water gets too cold or too hot during the winter or summer. Thankfully, pool heaters allow owners an opportunity to swim without time constraints.

Pool heaters come in handy to solve such issues as these. You no longer are constrained by season or time before you can swim. Through times and seasons, you get to swim in the safety of your home.

4. Healthy Exercising

Swimming is a low impact aerobic exercise. It’s an excellent exercise for people of all ages. However, when the water gets too cold, it could hamper the health of people with pre-existing respiratory conditions, joint ailments, and a weak immune system.

Using pool heaters allows all users to reap the maximum benefits from swimming activities, without the risk of developing or compounding pre-existing conditions.

5. Cost-Effective Options and Eco-friendly

Pool heaters are great cost-saving appliances. The best pool heaters are manufactured to last for a good number of years while effectively cutting down on energy and running costs.

They’re also environmentally friendly appliances. The emission rates of gas pool heaters, for instance, are very minimal with a high BTU rating. Electrical heaters are also eco-friendly with zero emissions low energy consumption and high BTU ratings. As mentioned above, solar swimming pool heaters are the most eco-friendly.

Whichever one you choose, you can be assured that you have an appliance that was built with the environment in mind.

6. Durability and Low-maintenance

All pool heaters are built with materials that can withstand the conditions around the outdoor swimming environment, making them durable appliances. They can last for years without having to undergo any major repair. With proper installation and annual checks on the condition of your pool heater, you should be in for the long haul.

In the event of your pool heater developing any issues, they often require very little maintenance work. You can even make such repairs a DIY effort or employ a professional to get it done quickly.


The best pool heaters offer great value for the money spent acquiring them. They offer fantastic cost-saving benefits, high durability, and require low maintenance. With these appliances  you get the luxury of swimming at any time through seasons and time.

Pool heaters are a way to make sure swimmers reap the full benefits of swimming as an exercise without any hampering effect on health. Little or no negative environmental impact is also guaranteed with the use of these heaters.

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