Using lighting the smart way to highlight the tray ceiling

Using lighting the smart way to highlight the tray ceiling

A wide assortment of architectural features helps add comfort, style, interest and value to a home’s interior. Such architectural feature is the tray ceiling that has a fair share of aesthetic and functional benefits. Tray ceilings or the recessed ceiling, as they are called; can be the simple or ornate ones. They are sufficient to create the much-coveted drama in the interior décor. Coming to its functionality, these ceilings enhance the room height.

Tray ceilings look attractive but it demands lighting, color, and decorative molding; this make it a focal point in a room. This article intends to enlighten you on the lighting types; and how you can use them to make your tray ceiling a focal point of your room décor. If you’re too busy to think of because of college assignments and paperwork, contact a trusted college homework helper. There are two ways you can go about it. Although the best way is to incorporate these ceilings within your house, you can also make a long distance move and find a house with these ceilings. If you are looking for that, here’s a full description on how you to contact interstate movers.

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1. Chandeliers and pendant tray ceiling lights 


To attract the desired amount of attention to the tray ceiling, you can hang a chandelier or pendant lights. You must ensure the lights you pick are high quality and good designs, in short they must be worthy of becoming a focal point in the room décor. You can choose an elegant crystal chandelier for your bedroom or your dining room’s tray ceiling.

A ceiling fan light fixture will go well in the tray ceiling of the living room; some classy and oversized light fixtures would go well with the large sized tray ceiling. The same goes for the pendant lights, as they should match up the décor and the style of the room in the best possible way.

2. Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling Medallion

A tray ceiling if is designed properly and is decked up with ultimate lighting manages to draw eyes up. Out of some lighting options that have a design especially meant for tray ceilings, the ceiling medallion is the one. It will go up as a layer above the chandelier or the pendant light. This also serves as a decorative jewelry on the tray ceiling, as it adds another dimensional layer to it.

The ceiling medallion appears as if it is a decorative element within the tray ceiling, attracting a great deal of attention. Try to hang a medallion whose color matches or coordinates well with the color of the ceiling, and whose style goes well the rest of the interior décor.

3. Cove tray ceiling lighting 

Cove Lighting

A tray ceiling craves for an accent lighting that helps enhance its beauty, and what better it could be than cove lighting. For cove lighting, you require rope lights that are installed under the crown molding of the tray ceiling. The beauty of cove lighting lies in its concealed pattern of lighting, wherein you do not see the lights but just the glow.

The wood trim installed under the molding conceals the rope lights, so that all you see is the beautiful glow and not the lights. It is fun to have cove lighting in the tray ceiling, as you can choose from a wide assortment of colored rope lights. Choose the colors you think will complement your tray ceiling and the rest of the décor ideally.

4. Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

If you go for a tray ceiling with layers, the best type of lighting that could make your ceiling a focal point in any case is the recessed lighting. These lights enable to enhance the beauty of the tray ceiling by beautifying its stair-step levels.

An accent lighting that that helps draw the required attention to the ceiling and emphasizes its layer design. The recessed tray houses recessed lights, or you can combine these lights with some decorative fixture for a refines effect.

A tray ceiling is a special architectural feature that adds beauty and value to the room décor. It enhances the ceiling height making the room appear more spacious and ventilated. If combined with accent lighting, a tray ceiling becomes the focal point in the décor.

Important lighting tips for your home to create vibrant indoors

black living roomIs the lighting in your home as good as it should be? Unfortunately, most home owners know as little about home lighting as they know about best camping lanterns. However, by making certain changes to your home’s lighting system, you can turn your property into a much more relaxing and enjoyable place. Below are some important lighting tips for your home.

Placement of Lights

Where you place the light fittings in each room of your home is crucial. Different rooms are used for different types of activities, so each type of room requires different lighting solutions.

In a sitting room or dining room, you may wish to have a light that focuses on a particular feature, such as a table, plant or other eye-catching item. You may also want to consider installing LED wall lights that are not too bright and add to the mood and atmosphere.

In your kitchen, you need more light, especially when you’re preparing food or doing other work, so overhead lighting and lighting that is built in to your kitchen fittings would be required. A bathroom would usually require a combination of overhead lighting and sidelights, while a bedroom would be enhanced by installing sconces, reading lamps and a main overhead light.

Natural Light

Natural LightSometimes you don’t need to rely on a lighting system to brighten up the interior of your home. Instead, you could find ways to allow natural light to enter certain rooms. For instance, adding a skylight or a new window could transform a dark, shadowy room into a fresh and inviting area. Adding mirrors to reflect light into your home is another smart and affordable way to illuminate your house.

Adjustable Lighting

At different times, you may have different lighting requirements. Sometimes you may wish to add to the mood of a room by reducing the amount of light in that room, while at other times you may prefer to have a brighter room. This is where dimmers can come to the rescue and give you more flexibility and choice.

Lighting and Decor

Lighting and DecorUnfortunately, many homeowners go into a lighting store and simply purchase a lighting system they like without considering whether or not it matches the decor in the room it will be installed in. To avoid this situation, it’s a good idea to take some photos or videos of a particular room and ask for advice from a lighting expert about what lighting system would be the best match. An interior designer or similar expert could also help you make a much more informed buying decision.

Get Inspired by Others

Some people have no idea what type of lighting system they should fit in their homes. If this is the case, you have to look for inspiration. Visiting other people’s homes and finding out more about their lighting is one way you can do this. Visiting a number of different lighting stores is another option; and this exercise will give you a greater feel for the lighting systems that are available. This will also help you to understand which ones would suit your house.

Lighting your home properly has the potential to improve your home in many different ways. Following the tips above will ensure that this becomes a reality.

Stylish and unique tray ceilings for modern homes

ceilingsTray patterns are one of the most popular designing methods to decorate the ceiling in modern homes. A recessed or dropping tray ceiling adds coziness to the room, while crown molding is the most common method used to make tray designs for the ceiling.

However, there are various other ways to add charm to your ceiling as well. Adding a drop ceiling or artificial ceiling to the structural ceiling is another method that gives richness and adds variety to the ceiling. Here let us discuss a few ways of designing tray ceilings for you room:

1. Timber frames

Timber framesIf you have a wooden floor in the room, you need not to add a false ceiling to hide the timber beams. Just adjust them in the shape of frames on your ceiling, which will add a wonderful rustic touch to your living room.

2. Oval tray design

Oval tray design

Adding a POP molding all around the ceiling in an oval shape will make your ceiling look unique and attractive. You can line the inner periphery of the ceiling with rope lights to give an exclusive lighting pattern to your room.

3. Wooden recessed ceiling

Wooden recessed ceiling

You can add wooden panels in a recessing order to the artificial ceiling, which will give an inverted basin shape to the whole structure. You can polish or varnish it for a glossy look. This will add natural elements to your room and project your expensive chandeliers in an effective manner.

4. Metal designs

Metal designs

Made from beaten metal sheets, these ceiling designs featuring the shape of a tray can be an attractive addition to your living room.

5. Trap shaped ceiling

Trap shaped ceilingArrange the wood planks along the walls of the room centrally up towards the structural ceiling in such a way that when completed, they give the shape of a tray. This will lend much depth to your living room and prevent the light from deflecting all across the ceiling.

6. Geometrical designs

Geometrical designs

Instead of the regular squares and rectangles, why not add a number of other geometrical designs to the tray shaped recess ceiling. This will revamp the look of your living room.

7. Inverted ceiling squares

Inverted ceiling squares

By creating inverted squares all along the ceiling, you will be able to create interesting spaces in between to place lights at appropriate spaces and give a dimmed and romantic look to your room.

8. Skylight ceiling

Skylight ceiling

This idea can work well on the top floor living rooms just under the roof. Simply cut in a square on the ceiling of the room and then cover it up with a mirror. This will allow natural light to percolate inside the room.

9. Coffer ceiling

Coffer ceiling

Small coffers spaced inside an artificial ceiling will add an element of uniqueness to your room. You can make these coffers to set in tiny LED lights into them, which will add element of warmth to the room.

10. Combination of inverted and recess ceiling

Combination of inverted and recess ceiling

A contrasting combination of inverted and recessed ceilings is another meaningful way with which you will be able to give a chic look to your living room. This works well in a large room that you can use for different purposes.

11. Subtle ceiling in between the beams

Subtle ceiling

This kind of ceiling requires the minimum work, as you just need to fix veneer wood pieces on the ceiling. With this minimal work, you will be able to revamp a dull looking room into a vibrant one.

Selecting the right colors for the ceiling of your home

Although the ceiling of a room is least considered when it comes to home renovation or decoration, it plays a major role in enhancing the room’s décor and beauty. The ceiling is the room’s fifth wall and is no less important than the other walls. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose a proper shade for the ceiling in order to prevent it from looking dull and stark, thereby ruining the appeal of the room. There are innumerable ways in which you can color your ceilings to make them appear bold and appealing. Read this article to discover ways in which you make your ceilings appear stunningly attractive.

High ceilings

High ceilingsLarge rooms with high ceilings often look weird and unbalanced when decorated with accessories like furniture, wall décor and floor coverings. In order to prevent this, it is suggested that you paint the ceilings in a shade darker as compared to the color of your walls. This dark painted ceiling can add to the appeal and attraction of the large area and can be a brilliant focal point for the room, thus exaggerating its expanse. It also looks good in places meant for relaxation such as your bathroom or bedroom. However, this strategy works best for rooms with a height of more than nine feet.

Lower ceilings

Lower ceilings

Painting your ceiling in a color shade that is one or several shades lighter than your wall paint will make the room appear virtually higher and spacious. This technique is best for small apartments and homes.

Bedroom and bathroom ceilings

bathroom ceilings

Although all the ceilings painted in the same color promote consistency and balance, different colors can still be used for separate rooms like the bedroom and bathroom, as these have separate doors and hence the continuity of the color scheme remains uninterrupted.

Ceilings in room with white décor accessories

Ceilings in room with white décor accessories

White is one of the most commonly used color for painting ceilings for obvious reasons that is makes any place appear bigger, brighter, and higher. However, while opting for white ceilings it should be kept in mind that in a room with lots of white décor accessories like furniture, the shade of the ceiling should match the shade of the accessories. White ceilings also form an amazingly great combination with colored elements in room. Also, white color completely be avoided for coffered and tray ceilings. Instead, they should be painted in a rich and dark color in order to make them an attractive focal point.

Angled and arched ceilings

arched ceilings

Angled and arched ceilings are not so good to look at and hence it is better to paint them in the same color as that of the walls. This will drive the attention away from the irregularity of the ceilings towards the beautiful color scheme of the room.

Using a completely different ceiling color

ceiling color

In order to create a bold appeal for your rooms décor consider painting the ceiling in an exactly opposite or a completely different color shade. For example choosing a bright and dark ceiling color for a room with white walls will look extremely beautiful and overwhelming and make the room appear graphically beautiful. Custom glaze and faux finish ceilings are best to achieve this elegance for your home.

Vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are a challenge to home owners and can be made to appear higher or lower depending upon the shade used for painting them. This type of ceilings are generally higher, they should be painted in a warm and darker color to balance the height. On the other hand, vaulted ceiling with design elements like beams and pillars are already lower and hence should be decorated with patterned designs instead of warm and dark colors.


A tray ceiling is a special architectural feature that adds beauty and value to the room décor. It enhances the ceiling height making the room appear more spacious and ventilated. If combined with accent lighting, a tray ceiling becomes the focal point in the décor.Usually overlooked, ceiling can give a refreshing look to any house, for modern ceiling designs not just look unique but also attractive that you will be proud to showcase and your guests will not fail to admire either.All the different elements of the room including the ceilings together decide the appearance of the place and hence your ceiling color should be such that it complements all the elements of the room to make it appear attractive and eye catching.Lighting your home properly has the potential to improve your home in many different ways. Following the tips above will ensure that this becomes a reality.

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