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Benefits of Landscape Lighting to Beautify your Knoxville Home

Landscape Lighting to Beautify your Knoxville Home

Knoxville is a county seat and city in Knox County, Tennessee. When settled in 1786, it served as the capital of Tennessee but struggled due to its geographical isolation until the first railroad entered it in 1855. Being among the largest cities in the Appalachian region, Knoxville is highly influenced by Appalachian culture.

If you are a homeowner in Knoxville, then consider beautifying your home with spectacular landscape lighting. Ranging from solar lights to low-voltage LED outdoor lights, they add both functional and aesthetic benefits to your property. Reputed landscape companies like https://www.knoxlandscapes.com/ help you find the right lights for your landscape and offer full-range services including installation, service and repair, upgrades, and adjustments.

Here you will know some of the most obvious benefits you can enjoy after having landscape lights installed.

Improved Aesthetics

beautifying the exterior of your housePlants, trees, and grass often take center stage when it comes to beautifying the exterior of your house. Still, landscape lighting can significantly enhance the energy and aesthetic appeal of your house.

It illuminates your pathways, highlights your landscape’s most charming features, and renders an alluring ambiance to the surrounding. However, you can get the best out of it only by getting the help of an expert who can highlight some features worthy of attention.

For instance, if you have a gorgeous tree in your backyard, spotlight it using the right type of lights. If your patio has attractive architectural elements, bring attention to them with attractive accent lights.

Making a gorgeous garden needs a lot of hard work and money. Lead the way to it with stunning path lights. Use underwater LED lights to capture the beauty of your pool or water fountain at night. Install floodlights at the right angles to create interest and depth to your trees’ silhouette.

There are more ways than these to beautify your landscape and accentuate its best features using landscaping lights. Take the help of an expert to do it right the very first time.  

Enhanced Safety and Security

The rate of property crime in Knoxville is 44.7 per 1,000 residents, making around 6.26 burglary, 33.08 of theft, and 5.36 of motor vehicle theft. So, it is imperative to add safety features to your house. When you are at home, well-lit exteriors allow you to enjoy prime time in the evenings. When you are not at home, outdoor lights can add to its protection.

At night, landscaping lights allow you and your guests to move around in the dark with safety. Post-mounted outdoor lanterns are ideal for stair railing and driveways. Exterior wall lights brighten up entrances and help you identify exits and doorways. Path lights and step lights keep walkways and stairs illuminated. Address lights help people to find your house quickly.

Exterior lighting can be triggered by timers, which work wonderfully to protect your property from intruders. They look pleasing too. Choose elegantly designed wall lights to enhance the security level of your house while boosting the style quotient. 

Let’s You Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Landscape lightsLandscape lights are extremely helpful in increasing the functionality of your outdoor space. When the area is well-lit, you can use your backyard and front yard longer, even after the sunset. Floodlights are useful in providing general lighting to your area, thereby brightening your patio and yard. Deck post attached lights illuminate the lawn for late-night conversations and dinners. You may attach special lights to your table umbrella for additional patio lighting.

So, whether you are planning a meal under the starry sky or a bonfire with family and friends, set the tone for an extraordinary experience with landscape lighting. 

Increased Property Value

The typical value of a mid-price tier home in Knoxville is $218,101. However, several factors can increase or decrease your property’s value, including its aesthetics and functionality. Highlighting the design elements of your home makes the area look larger. It also adds to the beauty and increases the outdoor space’s usability after dark. Security is of utmost value as well.

Using outdoor lights to boost the house’s curb appeal is a great way to increase its value. Updated lights and a quick paint coat are all you need to get the best value for your property. 

Tips to Make the Best Use of Landscaping Lights

outdoor lightsYou cannot get all the benefits mentioned above by just installing the outdoor lights. You have to install them strategically. A few useful tips are:

  • Strike a balance between aesthetics and security
  • Choose the right fixtures as per your aesthetics and outdoor space.
  • Consider the theme and style of your home interiors and exteriors while making your choice.
  • Use LED lights for minimal electricity usage.

Experts can help you choose high-end landscape lights for your home with products like weather-resistant fixtures, high-quality connectors, stainless steel transformer cabinets, and powder-coated aluminum or copper fixtures. Make your choices wisely and give an all-new illuminated look to your exteriors.

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