Building Your Own Home? What To Keep In Mind


Homebuyers usually tend to delay buying until something catches their eye in a new listing. The other option which is becoming increasingly popular is having the home built after buying a piece of property. This allows a person to put their own personal touch on the home. The stress that comes along with building a home is enormous as it differs from the stress of home buying. Delays can leave those building a home to have to live in temporary housing which can start getting expensive if the delay is substantial enough. The following are things to keep in mind when having your home built or considering going this route.

Budget More Than You Think

Budget More Than You ThinkGetting a rough estimate of how much everything is going to cost is important. You do not want to begin building a home only to run out of money leaving you an unlivable space that cost you thousands of dollars. For this reason it is important to get your estimates in writing as unethical contractors will try to sneak in additional charges that were not agreed upon. The most important thing that you can do financially is to build a home that fits you and your family. Building a mansion on a smaller budget can leave you struggling financially for years and possibly having the home repossessed.

Agree On A Plan If Building As a Couple

Take the time to sit down as a couple to hammer out important details of the home. A large bathroom might be on the wish list for one party while a gourmet kitchen could be desired by the other party. List out the things that you cannot live without then list out the desires if the budget allows for certain features. You do not want to have the home halfway built only to do an overhaul on the project which not only will take time but also copious amounts of money. Compromise is important as it is impossible to have it all especially if tastes differ immensely.

Energy Efficient Options Will Pay For Themselves

Energy Efficient OptionsEnergy efficient windows can be quite expensive to say the least. The positive aspect of these windows in extreme climates is that they can save money on electricity on a monthly basis. This savings can end up paying for the windows in a matter of years. Appliances should also be energy efficient for the same reason and it can help increase the home’s value when selling in the future. Look into government programs that deal with energy efficiency as you might qualify for some kind of grant that offers financial help or a tax break for your home being environmentally friendly.

Find Affordable Quality Painters

Having a beautiful home built only to have a subpar paint job can turn a dream home into a nightmare. Interior painters can do a great job in making rooms look brighter and warmer. Take the time to research who you will be having painting your home as the recommendation from the contractor might not be the best. Contractors recommend friends and colleagues in exchange for projects given. Do some research online to see projects completed by professional painters before considering anyone to put the finishing touches on your new home.Painting companies that are not willing to show previous projects should not be considered as hiring them is a gamble.

Pools and Detached Garages Can Wait

poolThe most important thing is to be able to live in the home ASAP as renting temporary housing break the budget. Those staying with their parents will want to get into their new home as soon as possible as well. Pools can make a backyard the ultimate entertaining space, which can be installed in no time. For those who might not have the budget for a pool, it’s necessary to have monthly savings for the pool to create your backyard oasis. Detached garages often times are used for workshops and storage. These are much more affordable than pools but assess the need for one after the home is complete.

Building your own home is going to be a headache even with the best home building company. Stay proactive and involved in the project as you do not want the builder taking some creative liberties and delivering a home that doesn’t suit you.

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