7 tips for remodelling the laundry room

remodelling the laundry room

Laundry room is probably that place in the house which we visit very often but put very little thought into. Usually laundry rooms have quite an irregular structure as compared to the rest of the apartment. Mostly, they are created out of some leftover space that is left after the other rooms have been planned out.

Weirdly enough, the laundry room turns out to be one of the most used spaces in the entire house. Considering this, it might be a good idea to invest in remodelling the laundry room to make it more pleasant. Storage is one of the most important problems that people face in constricted laundry areas. The idea while remodelling is to add more storage space in the laundry room. Hence we bring to you these tips for remodelling the laundry room.

Tips for remodelling the laundry room:

1. Purpose of the space:

remodelling the laundry roomThis is step one when thinking of the tips for remodelling the laundry room. In order to start remodelling your laundry room, it is quite important to start from scratch. At first, evaluating the purpose of the laundry room is one of the things to remember. Some people use laundry rooms as just a room for washing clothes fitted with an ironing board.

Apart from the aforementioned usage, some people like these rooms fitted with storage cubbies for storing vacuum cleaners and brooms. Some people even prefer it to be attached to the kitchen. So before starting, it is imperative that you ask yourself how you intend to use this space.

2. The processes of using the laundry space:

Things to remember before considering how to remodel your laundry room include your process of doing laundry. This includes your frequency of doing laundry, how heavy the wash-load is. If you are a person living alone, you might not use the laundry room for more than thrice a week. But the scenario might be different if you are a mother of two infants with a daily load of washing. This might lead you to opt for more storage space.

The place where you fold the clothes also matters in this respect. If you fold it in the laundry itself, then the counter space required should be adequate for the purpose. This criterion also includes the time of the day when you prefer to do the laundry. If you do it during the day, then more natural light being present would be a pleasant option.

3. Choosing the right laundry appliances:

remodelling the laundry roomThe next thing to consider while looking for tips to remodel the laundry room is the choice of appliances. Washing machines can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stacked washing machines can save a lot of space but it might be inconvenient for shorter people. Next comes the decision of whether to go for a top-loading or a front-loading washing machine.

There is some speculation regarding the drainage of front loading washers which gives rise to the formation of mildew inside. But it additionally provides more space on top for sorting and folding the clothes. Also, the color of the appliance with respect to the room also matters. In order to attract less attention to the appliances they should ideally be neutral-colored. The budget that you decide will indicate whether you can afford to add any special features to the laundry room.

4. Remodel on a budget:

This is one of the most important things to consider while referring to tips for remodelling the laundry room. In order to remodel on a budget, this might include a small counter space for folding and sorting. The budget should ideally accommodate a new washing machine or additionally a drier. Moreover, it should accommodate costs related to relocation of the water pipes and associated plumbing costs. It might accommodate additional costs like adding sinks or custom cabinets as well. This is sure to set a person back by at least one-two thousand dollars, if not more.

If the appliances and storage cubbies are already present in your kitchen, then the cost of remodelling can decrease significantly. In this scenario, the costs can significantly be decreased. Mostly costs depend on the additional structures since the costs associated with cabinets and flooring might be extensive.

5. Hiring professional help:

remodelling the laundry roomOnce the budget has been decided, you can understand whether hiring a professional would fit the budget. In case a number of renovations are being made, hiring a professional team is often necessary. They might offer a number of options that might not have occurred to you while planning.

6. The style and the layout of the laundry room:

While considering these tips for remodelling the laundry room, it is important to have some idea about the style. This includes the color of paint that you might prefer to have on your walls or that of the appliances. Some might want to change the flooring and install tiles to avoid water from seeping into the flooring. In case the space isn’t quite visible, it is preferable to make it more vibrant. If the laundry area is expansive, then it becomes important to match it with the other rooms in the house. If it is located in the basement, then decorating it might not be as important.

7. Procedures to complete during the project:

remodelling the laundry roomBefore the renovation work starts, it is important to go through the blueprints to understand the actual work. In case there is a need for permits, you’ll need to apply for those before the work starts. Once the work starts, a keen eye should be kept on the ongoing work to make any changes, if necessary. All the construction documents, receipts and warranties need to be stored carefully for future use, if need be. After the construction work is finished, it is important to check that everything is in order and installed as specified. After following the above steps on how to remodel, you can decorate as you like and enjoy!

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