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Carpet cleaning tips from professional carpet cleaners for modern homeowners


How often do you clean your carpet? Although you work hard to ensure that it’s clean and neat, there’s always the occasional grease drops, coffee spills and gum stains that threaten to ruin your beautiful carpet. When such scenarios occur, it’s important to act quickly and decisively. Severe carpet stains often require the proper attention of Professional Carpet Cleaners. However, you can easily remove mold carpet stains using a myriad of carpet-cleaning tips and tricks.

Before hiring any professional carpet cleaner to spruce up your carpet, it’s wise to conduct a preliminary research to establish whether you can trust them to provide a reliable service.

Here are 5 carpet cleaning tips for modern homeowners

1.     Vacuum your carpet at least once per week


Dirt is extremely stubborn – it adheres to your carpet and grinds against the yarn whenever you walk on it. This creates tiny nicks along the fibers, especially in high-traffic regions. It’s important to vacuum your carpet once or twice a week to reduce soil and dirt buildup. Concentrate on entrance and high-traffic areas when vacuuming your carpet to ensure they don’t lose their sheen. When you fail to vacuum your carpet for too long, dirt accumulates and destroys the fibers, causing your carpet to stain very easily.

2.     Use the right vacuum speed

When you vacuum too fast, you don’t quite remove all the accumulated dirt on your carpet. It’s therefore a great idea to vacuum slowly – this ensures that you remove as much debris as possible. High-traffic regions require two to three slow passes with your vacuum cleaner while low-traffic areas deserve a quick, thorough pass. Slow vacuuming helps dislodge and remove dirt more effectively.

3.     Remove dried gum by freezing it


Sometimes, you inadvertently step on a piece of chewing gum and carry it home with you. The gum then sticks onto your beautiful carpet, creating a horrendous scene. When this happens, get some ice cubes and place them on the gum for around 30 seconds. This will freeze the gum and allow you to scoop it using a spoon. Cut off the carpet strands that remain stuck to the gum. The cleared spot will barely be noticeable.

4.     Eliminate grease using a dishwashing detergent

What happens when stubborn grease drops onto your carpet and stains it? For many individuals, cleaning such a stain is nigh-impossible. The best technique would be to put two drops of grease-removing detergent in a small amount of water. The detergent will cut through the carpet grease stain and leave your carpet looking much better. Spray the solution onto the stained spot and blot it up until it fades away completely.

5.     Use baking soda to remove odors

baking sodaA lush carpet adorns your house and gives it an amazingly homely feel. However, nothing dampens your mood more than a terrible stench emanating from your carpet. To remove odors from your carpet, add a little baking soda in your vacuum bag before sprucing up. Baking soda helps to neutralize an assortment of bad odors including pet excretion and dampness.

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