Amazing tech gadgets for your home office

Your home office is a special and important place. Your work efficiency totally depends on your ability to concentrate, your health and even completing every job on time. We have compiled a list of must-have gadgets for your home office that will reduce your workload and increase your productivity.
CUJO Smart Internet Firewall

When you work in a professional environment, the company takes all the necessary precautionary measures. This includes even the different security software needed for protecting the data and other sensitive information that is stored on the company’s server. In the case of a home office, things are very different.

You are responsible to ensure that the information you have with you is safe. This is where the Cujo Smart Internet firewall comes. This is a cute looking gadget design but it is loaded with features. You can use it to protect your data and home office server without any issues.
A WI-FI router that supports multiple devices and gives you good coverage

The Mesh WiFi router is your one-stop solution for your Wi-Fi needs. Even if you do have areas where the network may not catch, this one may help there as well. This is a good choice if you want to have a router that does not have signal issues. You can easily place it in your home office and still get a good network connection even if you are not close to it at all. This router also supports other devices as well.

Holmes Smart Air Purifier

The next important gadget that you must include in your office space is an air filter. The Holmes Smart Air Purifier is an air filter that comes with the special HEPA filter as well. This reason why this air purifier is necessary have is that it is a matter of your health. It comes with a companion app that you can download on your mobile phone.

Through the app, you can easily get to know the quality of the air in your office space. This filter also helps to remove pollen, dust and various other irritants or allergy-causing concerns. You can schedule the on and off times of your air filter and perform various other tasks as well.

A pair of earbuds

When you are working, the last thing you need is any kind of distraction. You can easily sort out this problem with this pair of smart earbuds. The Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds will help to block any unnecessary noise or disturbance when you work.

With these earbuds, you can also answer your calls or listen to some of your favorite tracks while working. They are built with a special technology that helps to conceal or block any kind of sound. This will help you to stay focused while working as well as save you the trouble of leaving your work to take any call.

Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Since this is the era of Smart home or home automation products, how can we not include the Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug on the list? Given the fact that you have many electronics or devices in a home office, this smart plug is very useful.

You no longer have to worry about your energy bills hitting the roof only because you forget/forgot to switch off your devices. Through this plug, you can keep your bills under control. Along with the plug, you also get a mobile app that allows you to control the plug and operate it based on your needs.

The touchscreen-enabled Amazon Eco

If you are planning to upgrade your Amazon Eco or want to get one, then why not go for the latest one. This life-saving device is a useful gadget that you must have at your office workspace. From connecting your security camera to even creating a to-do list or getting the latest updates; there are so many things that you can do with the Amazon Eco.

The posture corrector

Sitting long hours can be challenging, what makes it worse is when your posture is incorrect. The Upright Smart Posture Trainer will help you to maintain the right posture while working. Although it may be small in size, it is very effective especially if you are prone to chronic back or neck pain. Just place this gadget on your back and let it do the rest for you. Whenever you hunch over or sit incorrectly, the little coach will correct you immediately.

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