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Ceiling TV – A finnish concept

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When was the last time you lay on the bed and tried to roll your eyeballs to watch the TV? You may even have had to crane your neck against the pillow and in the morning ended up with a stiff neck. A Finnish innovator has designed a TV that is permanently fixed to the ceiling. The TV looks down on you (literally) while you can lie down on your back and watch the TV as though you would watch the stars while lying by the campfire. However, it has a catch. If you decide to turn your head, you will not get to see anything but the furniture in your room.

What the Finnish guy did was he stuck a PMP (Portable Media Player) against the ceiling and voila, he got the prototype for a ceiling TV. However, the guy had problems selling his idea in Finland. Somehow he has managed to get the South Koreans interested in the Ceiling TV. Time will tell if his patent becomes successful in Korea, and if it does, all it means is you can buy one sooner or later, considering the export policies of South Korea. Don’t forget to buy a spare TV which can be kept closer to the ground, your neck might start hurting and you may wish to change your posture.

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