Chic Ego bathtub!

Ego by Luca Veer is a chic bathtub born from the need to identify shapes that convey naturalness, elegance and simplicity. In an effort to create a dialogue between the supple forms of showers and organic volume of the tub, the designer came up with the beautifula bathware. The tub is made of HI-MACS (Natural Acrylic Stone),its exceptional translucence,its resistance to stains and its hygienic characteristics make it the ideal material with which to equip the surface in the bathroom. The acrylic resins act as a reinforcing agent, adding extra strength while creating a non-porous surface that can be repaired if scratched or chipped.

Unlike other surfaces HI-MACS doesn’t absorb spillages or food odors that may occur during daily use. It can be cleaned simply with warm water and a non-abrasive household cleaner.The weight of this tub is approx. 400 kg. This bathtub includes one waterfall shower system,a flat blade of water created with the help of a special aerator and a water channeling system.The estimated price is $6,500.
ego 5
ego 1

Thanks Luca Veer!

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