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The Sound Of Sea Shells!

shell speaker

Lauren Sigvaldason with Giselle Fraser designed the beautiful speakers to sit right besides your computer let you enjoy songs from your music library. The Sounds of Sea Shells are the pair of computer speakers designed with elegance to promote visual beauty complimented with sound quality. Seashells are known for their ability to produce sounds, often used as a wind instrument. The sea shells’ natural beauty and harmonic symmetry combined with their ability to produce sounds is a natural unification, so does these beautiful speakers. The Sounds of Sea Shell speakers are created for a computer system, but you can also use them to connect directly to your i-pod or mp3. Volume adjustments, and power on and off controls are set up with your computer therefore all can be controlled from your computer station allowing for the natural structure of the sea shell to be free of exterior controls enabling the speaker to have the sculptural quality without any distractions. The Sounds of Sea Shells™ speakers are easily integrated into existing home décor and add natural organic elegance around your computer space and home.

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Thanks Lauren Sigvaldason!