How to clean a bathroom


No one can tolerate a dirty, stained bathroom. It has to be cleaned regularly, at least twice a week. Fortunately, bathrooms are made up of materials which can be easily cleaned without many efforts. Tiles and porcelain are made up of stain resistant surfaces. They don’t allow dirt or scum to get deposited on their surface. Still, a regular cleaning routine should be followed. Here. we will take a look at the bathroom cleaning ideas. You just need few resources to perform this job.

Difficulty Level:

It is not a difficult job to clean your bathroom and the difficulty level is moderate. It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour maximum to clean your bathroom.

Resources Required:

You will need scrubbers, mops, plentiful of rags, bleach, toothbrush, cleansers, paper towel and some soapy water bottle to clean your bathroom.


Before you start the cleaning, you have to make some preparations which will help you to clean the bathroom efficiently. Here are the steps.

1. Remove all the items from bathroom: Before start cleaning, make sure that you remove all the items from bathroom that don’t belong there and also those are not attached to wall or base. This will give you maximum space to clean. Also remove trash box and everything that is standing on floor.

2. Pour bleach or any other disinfectant in toilet pot: Pour some bleach or any similar disinfectant into the toilet pot and all over its body. Keep the bleach for some time on the toilet pot. Put the toilet brush inside the toilet hole. This helps to sanitize the brush and clean the dirt on it.

3. Sweep the floor: After pouring the bleach in toilet, start sweeping the floor. In this way, you can remove all the small dust particles from the floor before using water. Once you start using water, dust particles become thick and then you have to do extra efforts to remove them from the floor.

After doing all these preparations and giving enough time for spreading bleach all over the pot, now you can start the process of actual cleaning. While cleaning, consider the following steps.

1. Clean the walls and windows: While cleaning, start from the walls. Most of the bathroom walls have tiles till the ceiling. It makes your work easier. First, apply water to all the tiles to make them wet. Then, apply some cleaning material on the tiles and wait for couple of minutes. You can clean the windows by that time. Clean the windows from inside and outside. After doing that start scrubbing the ceiling. The dust particles will fall down as you start scrubbing the ceiling. Again, wipe out all the dust particles and start cleaning the tiles. Rub the tiles with scrubber to get rid of all the stains and dust. They can be easily removed from the tiles. Dry it with the clean rag.

2. Apply disinfectant on the faucets: Use appropriate disinfectant on the faucets. Spray this to all the materials which are made up of stainless steel. Wait for couple of minutes before cleaning it. Make sure that you are using branded product for this purpose.

3. Clean the shower: Spray the appropriate product on the shower walls and shower head and keep it for some time. You can use cleansers to get rid of scum infected areas. For the hard water areas that lead to green or rust colored stains, use of cleanser is an effective option. Use the cleanser that removes calcium, lime and rust. Now, take charge of the shower. Scrub the faucet, walls and shower head. Use hot water for the rinsing purpose so that all the stains get removed. Use dry cloth to rinse. Shine the faucet with the paper towel. In the same way, clean the tub also. Apply the cleaning material on the wet towel and clean the shower curtains. It is better if you use hot water to wet the towel. Stains and scum will go away from the shower curtain easily.

4. Clean sink and counter area: While cleaning out the sink and counter area, use scrubber to remove all the soap scum and tooth paste stains off the sink. A toothbrush is a good option to remove the dirt from the unreachable areas. Do not use the same rag or paper to clean the sink and counter area. This can leave the germs on the sink causing you some allergies or diseases. So keep a pair of rags for cleaning both items. Wipe out the front and top area of the cabinet. Apply some soap water along with the hot water to clean stains from the surface. Clean the mirror with a separate clean rag with water and soap.

5. Clean the toilet: Now, get ready to do a tedious job that is cleaning a toilet. Start with the flush handle so that you won’t re-contaminate it. Use a cloth with disinfectant for this purpose. Up to this point, the bleach performs its work around stain areas of toilet. Rub the whole toilet pot with the brush. Now these stains can be removed very quickly. Flush off all the junk stuff.

6. Mop the floor: Spread hot and soapy water across the floor. Scrub each and every point of the floor. Again use hot water to get rid of any stain from the floor.

7. Dispose the junk: Now dispose the water from the floor. Throw all the used clothes and do not use it after washing. Rinse the floor water very carefully so that you don’t slide on floor.

8. Keep all stuff back.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Which materials are used for cleaning purpose?

Generally, you should use branded cleansers as the amount of chemical substance is adequate. Otherwise, it can harm your floor and tiles.

2. How much time we should wait after applying cleansers?

You should wait for at least 5-10 minutes after applying the cleansers so that the chemical reaction takes place and it helps to get rid of stain very effectively.

Quick tips:

Now, you know what are the things required to clean the bathroom. So, make sure that you are ready with all the stuff when you start cleaning. Keep a handful of rags as they are important for cleaning purpose. Collect all the required chemicals that are required in cleaning purpose.

Things to watch out for:

While choosing the cleansers, you should be aware of the contents as excess chemical can harm the tiles and floor. Also, don’t use rags repeatedly. Keep a separate rag for every cleaning object.

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