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How to Clean Toaster

People often ignore cleaning the toaster after use because after breakfast every body has to rush to work. If you take out a little time from your busy scheduled, you can ensure the hygiene level of the food you eat out of your toaster. Carbon and crumb can accumulate inside your toaster over the time. This piling up of waste can lead your toaster to vulnerability of catching fire or smoking. So, it is wise to clean toaster at least once a month. If you are confused how to start the cleaning, here are few steps which you can follow to clean your toaster.

Complexity Level: Basic

Time Required: 10 minutes

Resources Required:

  1. Trash bag or can
  2. Rag or sponge
  3. Warm water
  4. Vinegar or ammonia
  5. Old toothbrush


1. Cleaning the crumb tray

The pieces of food that drop in the toaster gets collected in the crumb tray. Crumb tray is the tray at the bottom of the toaster. If you give it a light push first and then pull it gently, the tray will open. Now, throw all the crumbs from the tray to the trash bag. Now, soak your sponge into the vinegar or ammonia and wipe the crumb tray. Rinse and dry the tray absolutely and be cautious that you do not get any fluid while wiping inside the heating mechanism of the toaster.

2. Shake the toaster

Hold the toaster upside down and shake it to let the crumbs fall down in the trash bag. Tap the toaster gently from all the sides to help the crumbs detach themselves from the toaster wall and fall in the garbage bag.

3. Use of tooth brush

You can make use of your old tooth brush to nudge off the crumbs. Put in the toothbrush from the side of bristles and brush up the toaster through all the reachable parts. Be a little gentle while doing it. Make sure that you do not spoil your coil in the process. Leave the carbon pieces behind if you can not reach them. It is better to leave few crumbs sticking behind than to break your toaster.

4. Cleaning the outside of the toaster

After you are done with the inside cleaning, pour a little ammonia or vinegar on a clean piece of cloth and cleanse the surface of your toaster. Rub a little harder on the places where the stain is stubborn. If the outer body of the toaster is made up of stainless steal, put soap on a cloth and wipe the body of the toaster and then clean away the soap by wiping it with water. You should make use of a sponge when wiping with water. Here you are done with the cleaning of your toaster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My toaster does not consist of any crumb tray, how should I clean it?

There are older version of toasters that do not have detachable crumb trays. If your tray is of this type, skip the first step and start with the second one.

Quick Tips:

  1. Always unplug the toaster and allow it to cool down completely before you start cleaning it up.
  2. Never soak your toaster in soap or water for cleaning and while cleaning the crumb tray with the sponge be cautious that you do not get any fluid inside the heating mechanism of the toaster. If you do so this activity, you may end up causing a spark or electrocuting yourself after you plug in the toaster for next use.
  3. You can use warm water mixed with a couple of drops of dish soap for hand washing if you do not have ammonia or vinegar.

Things To Watch Out For:

  1. Wring the sponge so it does not drip and scrub away the crumbs properly.
  2. Make sure your toaster is dry before you start using it again.