Consider these tips while investing in a turf lawn


Everybody wants his or her garden to look attractive. Despite the fact that natural grass won’t cost you a fortune, maintenance could still be a source of concern for you. Therefore, investing in a new turf lawn can enhance the look of your home while reducing the burden of frequent weeding and maintenance.

In this article, we will discuss the things to consider when you plan to invest in a new turf lawn.

Hire a suitable professional to install turf lawn


This stage is critical. You know that different companies have distinct ideas about gardens. They will also differ the way they price their services.

A good firm will invariably provide all the needed advice and maintenance. For instance, crown turf will assign you one person who will help you through the journey of preparation and installation. They will inspect the lawn before they start planting the right type of grass suitable for that soil.

Before you hire the appropriate person, ensure that you contact several of them. Compare all their services and warranties, including other things. Thus, you will make an informed decision at the end.

Autumn and spring are suitable seasons to lay the new grass

During summer, the weather is hot. This will cause the grass to dry up, mainly if you regulate the amount of water that the grass needs. Additionally, your busy schedule can stop you from watering the lawn.

On the other hand, autumn and spring are the most suitable seasons to lay the grass. Rainfall during this season will do your lawn a lot of good. The water will make sure that the grass remains green; hence, you do not have to spend much time watering it. The rainwater will help the grass develop stronger roots, which means that the grass can have tough time during winter and summer.

However, you should be wary of weeds that grow when the water penetrates into the grass.

Prepare to lay the grass


This is the most crucial phase of planting grass. You cannot just start putting the turf before you make some choices. For instance, you have to invite the landscape expert to do some scouting before starting work. First, he will inspect your yard and, if any, other turf lawns within your area.

During this time, he or she will also check the alkaline and acidic level of the soil before he knows the type of grass that will survive in that area.

After that, you can start laying the foundation. Prepare the ground, add some soil, remove weeds from the field, and add some fertilizer to the ground, then you can start sowing the grass.

Final Thoughts

Artificial grass is very easy to maintain. It also flaunts an attractive look and feel, as the manufacturer adds different shades of green. Artificial grass has a high possibility of absorbing so much heat than natural turf.

People have a difficult time choosing between artificial and natural turf. You have to realize that both will have their pros and cons.

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