COVID Has Changed Home Buying: How Apps Like Nobul Can Help

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Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life. It’s shifted our priorities in everything we do, from how we conduct business to how we make purchases and even how we communicate with our loved ones.

Prior to the pandemic, young people who live in urban areas sought out downtown living spaces where they could be close to work, or at least in close proximity to public transit.  Remote work was a privilege for most, so having a home office or a reliable work space didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.  Furthermore, you could simply visit the nearest park to enjoy some green space or to let your dog run out its energy.

All of those living desires have shifted.

homebuyers visitNow, more people do want that designated office space inside their homes. They want a yard where they can let their kids or dog out to play.  They’d like a big kitchen, because after all, these days everyone has been doing a lot more cooking at home.

According to U.S. News and World Report contributor Lisa Larson, “In particular, sheltering in place has made us think about the concept of home in a new light. There’s little doubt that homebuyers who enter the market after the risk of COVID-19 is in the rearview mirror will have a whole new set of priorities in place for their home search.”

Future Home Search Trends

Space for working outHere are more priorities you can expect to become prevalent in future home searches:

  • Light and space
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Space for working out
  • Outdoor and green space
  • Home office space
  • Less focus on building amenities

These priorities speak for themselves. Economist George Ratiu explains, “Real estate markets have undergone noticeable shifts since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In the wake of the lockdowns in March, Americans discovered that existing homes were not adequate for the new work, teach, exercise, cook and live at home reality.”

If you are one of the many people whose living space preferences have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then there is a lot to consider when making the move to the suburbs, or into a city home that offers more of the amenities that you are seeking. While some major soul searching is in order and research is a must, the good news is that home buying technology can help.

For instance, when looking for a home that will give you the freedom and space that you need, apps like Nobul will allow you to scroll down past all of those pictures directly to neighborhood information. It is within this content where you will find real data that you need to start making informed decisions about a potential property.

What is Nobul?

The Nobul platformThe Nobul platform has expanded to the United States and is targeting millennials, which makes sense due to this generation’s tendency to turn to the internet and technology for help with making decisions.

Nobul CEO and Founder Regan McGee told Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM, “We currently do the vast majority of our transactions as buy transactions with first-time buyers. Just like many other disruptor technology platforms, first-time millennials are going to generally tell their parents about it.”

In addition to providing information about a property’s neighborhood and amenities, the Nobul app allows buyers to create a profile and answer a few questions about what they are looking for.  The app then allows users to view proposals from agents matched with them based on their selected preferences.  Finding an agent online during a health pandemic is also very doable, thanks to this kind of technology.

Despite the pandemic, much of North America’s real estate market remains strong, so if you are on the hunt for a new home, it’s best to utilize the apps and technology that are available to make the process as streamlined and easy as possible.  And – all from the comfort of your home, which afterall, is all anyone can ask for in this new era.

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