Custom Closet Companies: Mistakes to Avoid In Closet System

Mistakes to Avoid In Closet System

Designing a custom closet system is more complicated than it might seem. Mistakes in laying down closet designs might not seem like a big deal, but they can add to your stress and make your tasks much more time-consuming and annoying. If you are dealing with these mistakes, you should know that you are not alone.

Taking positive actions and making a few simple adjustments and fixes can aid you in dealing with these mistakes head-on so you can take back control of these closets.

Below are the common mistakes listed by custom closet companies you don’t want in your closet system:

1. Having a Dead Space Above the Top Shelf

One of the typical mistakes in custom closets is their dead spaces above the top shelf. This mistake is visible even in million-dollar homes. Seeing topmost shelves 24 inches, or more from the ceiling of the custom closet, you will undeniably experience dead space.

One remedy for this is putting boxes or clothes, but once you reach beyond 12 inches of stacked materials, piles start to bow down, or they will be unreachable.

2. Not Having an Adjustable System

Walking to a closet system created from wood and painted, and they have a combination of twice the hanging space and shelves, you might see this as perfect!

However, the thing that you might not consider is you are 5’2″ and your better half is 6’2″. You might have miscalculated where to put your longer dresses, and your husband’s suit coats might get messed up at the bottom.

Fashion has changed over the years. Your closet needs to adjust with them. Having closet rods at a single level your custom closet is not ready for an extra.

3. Shelves are Not Being Deep Enough

This common problem is unseen until homeowners compare their custom closets to professionally designed ones.

The mistake is your shelves are very shallow. Because making 12 inches shelving is the cheapest, closet manufacturers use this system – it’s simple to create! 12″ shelving works well in small-sized shoes, they might look sloppy when storing large sized things. 

4. Having Low Shoe Storage Efficiency

Shoe shelves are a great way to show off your shoes. If you have plenty of space, then angled or raised varieties will look perfect in an opulent closet-like setup à la KhloeKardashian!

You know what they say, “Some people have one pair of shoes. Others have 30!” And you are just like them- with your ever-expanding shoe collection that is not being organized well enough to house all those beauties properly?

You love shoes too much, not putting some effort into making sure everything has its place.

When the designer recommended raised shelves, you were suddenly in love. Now that’s an idea with soul. A closet is not complete without them – they make your shoes look much better and are more organized than before.

Shoe shelves are great for storing your shoes, but they can take up a lot of space. The problem with the raised style is that it creates dead air because there is no volume to speak off in back-unless you have more than one shelf or use an open shelving system like a modular closet unit.

One of the largest problems with storing pairs is that they can take up a lot of space. Fortunately, this solution will not only help you store more pairs but also cost less–a BOGO special.

5. Not Seeing a 3D Closet Design Before Buying

3D technology is used to help designers and clients visualize their custom closet design even before installation.

With a three-dimensional view, you can see if the area will be spacious enough for your needs, as well as what type of cabinetry options work best on certain features, walls, or areas within closets themselves.

Being able to ask all those essential questions about space utilization makes this tool invaluable.

6. Fighting through a ‘Field of Clothes’ as You Enter Your Closet 

If you have a small, narrow closet that feels like it’s pushing your way through the jungle of clothes as soon as you enter, then there are two easy fixes for this. One option would be replacing just one or two sides with shelving.

All sorts of items can fit more easily and stay organized while being stored upright against a wall rather than horizontal in rows on top of each other, which makes a room easier to access everything without having too much clutter surrounding us at once.

Another quick fix could potentially include some hooks from inside our clothing instead. 

End The Agony

You need to know that if your closet is a disaster, then you are not alone. With all the bad designs out there, it is easy for mistakes and failures in design to take place over time without us even noticing – but do not give up hope.

Some custom closet companies can help make sure these problems won’t happen again, which ensures better quality clothing storage space while saving money spent on wasted materials or poor craftsmanship.

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