De Sede DS-1064 sofa: Create your own comfort zone!

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De Sede, the Switzerland-based furniture manufacturer has been serving its customers with uniquely designed furniture for the last many years. It has now added a new sofa, dubbed the DS-1064 that is a wonderfully designed piece of furniture to suit any modern home. Designed by Hugo de Ruiter this peerless sofa is a unique seating experience. It’s one of the best, extremely high-end and very mature, contemporary furniture that will sit comfy in your trendy living room.

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What’s different? Neither a sofa nor a suite as it is, the DS-1064 is a sofa with movable backrests that can virtually fit it at any desired position. And that means the users can create designs that reflect their mood of the moment and to alter them to keep abreast of every change they undergo. Personally, I love De Sede creations and I bet you all too will simply adore its wonderfully designer furniture.

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