Trendy homes : Dehumidifiers can be classy too!

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No doubt there are plenty of dehumidifiers that maximize convenience and performance but there has to be something unique for your trendy home, right? Check out the cool dehumidifier pictured here. Brainchild of Yoon Lee, this superb humidifier is just the right pick for your living room.

How it works? You press the vents on the top of the humidifier and the unit gets activated. Press it once more and it gets deactivated. The light tube at the back of the humidifier is the water outlet, just hang it on the window or a bucket and the humidifier gets empty. Pushing the button on top of the tube helps in sucking the tube back into the unit.

What’s different? If you are on the lookout for a cool and unique product for your home, then this cool portable humidifier is your best bet. After all, your home deserves the best! No two ways about that! Its superior design, easy portability, chic façade makes it stand out from the crowd.

Thanks Yoon Lee!

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