Touch tech: Turn off lights at the drag of a finger!

lamp switch1 HjGjC 1822
Guys, allow me to introduce to you the coolest light switch you have ever come across. Brainchild of Mac Funamizu, this cool design concept is sure to give light switches a new dimension.

What’s different? The square switch you see here is not only elegant but highly efficient too. It is a hi-tech design concept that can control multiple lights. All you have to do is to drag your fingers across the touch-sensitive board. When you slide your finger towards a light, it turns itself on or off. A circular motion controls all the lights. Obviously, this cool feature sets it apart from the rest. To get a better idea, check out the cool images pinned below.
lamp switch2 sT4qR 1822
switchboard 3 inRBS 1822
switchboard 4 iNriG 1822

Via: Petitinvention, Dvice

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