Designer Tips for Nailing the Farm Look in a City Apartment

Nailing the Farm Look in a City Apartment

Not a lot of people have the luxury to live outside the city, on a large, quiet property – regardless if it’s due to job, school, or financial reasons, a lot of people will never experience that way of living. City living is fast and cramped, most people in bigger cities have to live in apartments and those are usually small and boring. But, if you can’t go to a farm – you can always bring the farm to you. There are so many easy and innovative ways to totally transform your apartment and give it the desired farm look in no time.

Make a Plan

A solid planFirst things first – in order to transform and re-decorate your space, you’ll need to have a clear vision of how you’re going to pull it off. Making a solid plan where you’ll state the budget, make a list of all the things you need to throw out, and all the things you want to buy – this way you’ll be organized, and you’ll also cut some time and be more efficient. Going from one aesthetic to another can take some time, but if you want to do it fast and without any setbacks, your best bet will be making a good plan or a vision board to follow.


At the end of the day, details are the ones that truly make the end result look like something. This means adding some peculiar odds and ends you probably didn’t think about – like vintage-looking lamps, mirrors, decorative figurines, and similar stuff like that. You can find almost anything in the desired modern farmhouse style if you look for it, all you gotta do is envision the item you want to replace. If you really want to transform the space, you’ll need to think small, every detail counts, so keep an eye out for some cool pieces that will truly bring your apartment to life.


space shadeOne of the best ways to transform any space is to color it a different shade. This will probably be the overall biggest renovation you can do to your apartment, but it’s also the most efficient one. When choosing a color that gives off most farm vibes – it’s best to choose white, sandy, or some warm autumn shades. When you think about farms, they are extremely cozy and warm, so you need to predominantly think about fall colors. Also, getting some white or brown wood paneling or even wallpaper to add a bit of dimension and coziness to your space.

Shop Vintage

Probably one of the best things you can do, whilst re-decorating your apartment to look more like a farmhouse – is shopping at secondhand and vintage stores. This way you can even find true farmhouse furniture and decor, give it a little paint and it’s good to go. But this kind of shopping is not as efficient, and it could take months and even years to get all the desired items to fill up your apartment, so if you decide to go this route, keep that in mind. But overall, second-hand shopping is good when looking for centerpieces for the rooms, more so than getting full-on functioning furniture.

DIY Stuff

man busy in DIY projectIf you are on a tight budget, but really want to transform your apartment rather than give it a little redecorating – worry not, there are ways. Sometimes it’s better to think outside the box and be creative, rather than go to a shop and get something – chances are you won’t even find the exact thing you are looking for. That’s where DIY projects come in. Obviously, some things you just can’t make on your own, like furniture, major renovations, anything that involves electricity and water if you are not a professional. But there are so many little details and decorations you can make that will bring your apartment to the farmhouse status in no time. Make DIY paintings, change the frames of your mirrors, and give them a rustic look.

Natural Materials

When thinking about farms, the first thing that pops into your head should be nature. Since you can’t bring a whole field of grass and flowers to your apartment, there are ways to emulate the same feel. Replacing plastic and fake materials in your apartment and replacing them with items made from natural materials like stone, glass, and wood is key to achieve this aesthetic. Not only will you get the farm feel, but you’ll also be more eco-friendly and sustainable by adding more natural stuff. Also adding lots of plants in your living room and kitchen will surely help with blending everything together.

The bottom line is, you need to put practicality over aesthetics when doing any kind of decorating and remodeling. Also, when doing a farm-themed decor, comfort is key. You want to feel cozy and comfortable in your apartment, and you’ll achieve that by furnishing and decorating it in a way that will be more practical and efficient for you, rather than just for the sake of looking good.

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