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How to disarm an alarm system

Well, forgetting the alarm lock code is a challenging task most people have faced quite often at varied point of time. The solution to the problem is surely more than merely brooding over your forgetful memory. With a screwdriver in hand, it is possible to get into the
technicalities of the alarm system and disarm it. However, having an alarm system is indeed a splendid idea for security purposes and so is choosing the suitable alarm device. If it is sensitive enough to go off even at the detection of slightest of the movement, one would rather like to disarm it rather than use it.

Complexity level: Moderate

Time required: 10 – 20 minutes

Resources required:

  1. Alarm System.
  2. Screwdriver.


1. Locate the manufacturer’s name :

The primary step involves telephoning the company engaged in monitoring the alarm system. There shouldn’t be any hassle in spotting the name of the company as it would be embedded on the device in most cases. Next, you would require a security password to switch the system off.

2. Locate Control Panel

Now, look out for the control panels of the alarm placed around the house and the power transformers singled out for each. Power transformers can be recognized as a small plug unit fitted into an electrical outlet.

3. Unplug the Alarm

After locating the transformers, unplug them. The alarm system at this time would be sustaining only on battery.

4. Disable the Alarm

Get a screwdriver and dismantle the control panel. Having dismantled the control panel, turn off the battery connection too by unplugging it from the circuit board. Check that the circuit board been worked upon, no longer has a power source. The system should now have no electricity flowing through it. Finally done with the task, now remove the control panel and other components you might want to get rid off.

Frequently asked questions:

Will the monitoring company give a call as and when the alarm system is disarmed?

Yes, as the company is consistently monitoring the security alarm system, it would give a call as soon as the system is turned off. This is only done for security reasons so that the company can be assured of the fact that nobody has broken into your alarm system with the motive of robbery.

Where can I find the number of the company monitoring the installed alarm system?

It is easy to find the number of the company if you have safely stacked the user manual. The device bears the name of the company. So, in case the user manual is not handy, one can always search the number in the directory and get help.

Quick Tips:

1. Be sure to converse the idea of turning off the security system to the monitoring company.

2. After cutting down the power supply to the control panel, the panel would continue to run on battery. Make sure that even the battery supply is disconnected after the control panel is dismantled and battery power is turned off.

Things to look out for:

1. In case, the house supports multiple alarm systems then each alarm system’s control panel have to be located along
with the power transformers. After locating the control panels for each alarm device, the same procedure would have to be followed with the help of a screwdriver.

2. All alarms have different features embedded in their design. For some alarm devices, there is also an option of securing only the windows and doors or the key rooms of the house or the central area. This equips user with a flexible option of securing the place he/she wants to without causing inconvenience.

3. Also, a few alarm devices have an easy process of disarming as arming them provided you remember the key coding that was done during installation of the device.