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DIY Appliance Repairs: A Guide

Appliance Repair

Your refrigerator is the most commonly used appliance in your home. However, there are times when it stops functioning privacy. While you can opt for an appliance repair service, you can solve 80% of appliance problems by yourself.

And we’ll show 3 of the most common appliance issues you’ll experience. Each of our tips is designed to help you diagnose the issue while providing an average cost for professional help.

Water is Pooling Under the Refrigerator

Water is Pooling Under the RefrigeratorCheck to see if your fridge has the freeze above the unit and if you have ice buildup in the bottom. These are signs that the evaporator defrosts drain is plugged.  Occasionally food can clog the train, but usually, the drain is frozen. Water from evaporator oils will continue to accumulate during defrost cycles until you clear out the drain.

To fix this, you have to thaw the ice blocking your draining line. You can use a hair dryer or turkey baster to remove the ice.

Once you clear the line, check for the drain through a heater and replace it if it’s broken. Metal defrost heaters can use drain straps which helps direct the heat to the drain. And it will prevent the drain from freezing.

However, you don’t want the freezer temperature to be too cold. Keep the freezer at around 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cost: This will cost $0 DIY, but expect to pay $130-$200 if seeking professional service.

Increase in Energy Bill

How to Fix: Let’s say your appliance uses around $20 of electrical energy a month. However, a new energy star refrigerator costs $10 a month, cutting your annual costs in half. To reduce your energy bill, its best to look for a newer refrigerator that’s energy efficient.

While they might be more expensive than traditional refrigerators, you’ll find it easier to manage their energy usage. For instance, you can use an app on your cellphone or a usage meter to check its energy consumption. Investing in a good refrigerator will save you long term energy monthly bills.

Overheated Coils

Overheated CoilsIf your refrigerator’s coils are over 100 Fahrenheit, your compressor is at risk. It’s important to clean the condenser coils and replace the condenser fan motor once every 90 days. Also, the Freon that moves through the condenser coil has to be cool for your refrigerator to run properly.

How to Fix: If the compressor was previously hot, then the overload and start relay might have failed. Most of the time you can replace them separately. If the compressor-starting parts are good, but the compressor is still off, then it could be your compressor. At that point, find out how to

Cost: $30-$80 for parts. $500-$700 to fully replace a broken compressor – and this job requires appliance repair service.


To conclude, there are always DIY solutions to appliance issues. However, there are professional appliance repair services if the problem is too overwhelming. Find out the root cause of your broken appliance to ensure for a faster repair or replacement.

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