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DIY MTbiggie table is techie and cool!


Pictured here is the table that will make you utter just WOW on the very first glimpse. The table you can say is ideally fit for geeky homes. It’s a DIY project designed and developed by Seth Sandler who picking up the cheap home products came up with a table that anyone of you out there would simply fancy. Built from about $400 worth of material many of which you would find lying here and there within your home eradicating the need of getting from the market, the MTbiggie table will bring big multi-touch screen to your home in the form of a stylish piece of home furniture.

There is not much of fuss in crafting the cool table, all you would need is a couple of chairs, a mirror, a projector, an infrared webcam, sheet of paper and a large piece of clear acrylic. If the image and the write up made you keen enough to give it a try, the video pinned below would help you a great deal. Check it out!

Via: Engadget