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Trap light converts waste energy into visible light

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We have been using the tube lights, bulbs and other source of electrical energy to get our home as well as office enlightened. But have you ever thought about the energy which is available naturally but is wasted without being utilized by the mankind? Designers Mike Thompson and Gionata Gatto have come up with the Trap Light, which is basically a lamp that converts waste energy into reusable, visible light.

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This mechanism utilizes ‘photoluminescent pigments to capture escaping light’. This pigment has got a great advantage of capturing the light that generally gets wasted. The phenomenon utilizes all the energy that has been wasted in due course and makes your home glowing. The design team had used Murano glass in the process, so that the pigment mentioned above can use its blowing technology. This technology has got a peculiar quality of capturing the source of light even if a shade is formed at the back side of the light source.

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The useless light is recycled by the process of absorption and regeneration. The light which is absorbed is used to recharge the substance and light gets emitted again. A half an hour recharge of recycled light from source such as LED Bulb or other light source used in olden days can keep the lamp glowing for at least 8 hours. So, this is the best way to get the light energy without bothering about the power consumption.

Via: MoCoLoCo