DIY: Shutter side table in no time

DIY side Table

Old window shutters can be converted into awesome creations for your home like shutter shelves, shutter pin boards, shutter tables, shutter mail holders/organizers, etc. with a small of dose of creativity. Making a shutter side table using old shutters can make a good wood working project even for beginners. Side tables made of old window shutters can bring a vintage look to your home and make good use of your old wood. The whole project can be finished in just one day if two people can collaborate for the project.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Time required: One day

Resources required

1. Four wood shutters of the same size.

2. Iron screws (approximately 20)

3. Piece of hard glass cut to the stipulated size.

4. Power drill

5. Primer

6. Paint

7. Paint brush

8. Pencil

9. Measuring tape

10. Electric or hand saw


  1. The first step in this simple project is to collect four old window shutters which will make the body of the table. Make sure that all the four wood shutters are of the same size. If not, use an electric or hand saw to cut and even their size.
  2. The next step is to procure the art stretchers for your table. Measure the width of a shutter using a measuring tape to determine the size of art stretchers to be procured. Art stretchers can be exactly the same size of the estimated square measurement of the table or slightly larger if you want to extend the top of the table to extend beyond the sides a bit.
  3. Stand the four shutters up to form a table shape. The four shutters will make the square base for your table.
  4. The art stretchers should be pieced together to form two square shapes. One square is for the base and the other for the top of the table.
  5. Make the four old shutters to stand up vertically and put the frame on the top of the four shutters.
  6. Now, drill two screws (which are evenly spaced) through the frame and the shutter using a power drill to hold both of them tightly together. The same should be repeated on the other three sides of the table. Take the help of another person to hold the four shutters in their place to avoid any error.
  7. Repeat the same process to the bottom of the table and attach the frame to the shutter.
  8. You can either leave the table unpainted or paint it with varnish or your preferred color. If you prefer to paint the table, first remove the old paint from the surface of the old window shutters using a sand paper. Then, apply primer to be old window shutters before you paint it with your favorite color. You can put a second coat of the paint if you want the table made of old window shutters to last longer. Painting the table may extend your project execution time substantially. And, in that case you should preferably choose a sunny weekend for the project.
  9. Now, finish your table by fixing a piece of glass to the top of the table. The glass (preferably ¼ or ½ inch) should be cut to fit inside the bevel-led edge of table’s frame.


Where can I procure old window shutters?

You can use your own old window shutters from your home if they are in good condition. Old window shutters can also be procured for a price ranging from $1 to $45. Old window shutters are also available free of cost in salvage yards.

How much time will it take to make the table using old window shutters?

The project can be generally completed in a few hours. But, if you prefer to paint your table you may need one additional day to factor in the drying time for the paint.

Can I do the project without any help?

It is better to have a member or friend by your side when the project is executed. A second person by your side can help you in tasks like holding the window shutters together and attaching them to the frame using screws and power drill.

Things to Watch Out For

Make sure that the window is standing properly on the floor once you screw the old window shutters to the frame. If there is any error, correct it properly before fixing the glass to the top of the table.

Do not use nails for attaching the old window shutters to the frame. Nails can damage the old window shutters.

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