Do You Need Furnace Repair Services During Home Improvement?

Need Furnace Repair Services During Home Improvement

Furnaces are handy devices in any home. They help lower electricity costs and heat your home in winter. However, being dormant for days in summer, your furnace may not perform efficiently when winter sets in. If this happens, you may necessitate repair services from a professional furnace repair company. There are issues to look out for if seeking to upgrade or repair your furnace during home improvement.

Here’s how to tell if you need furnace repair services:

1. Loud squealing noise

Furnace issue

If you experience loud squealing noise coming from your furnace, perhaps it’s time to call a professional. These noises may indicate that the bearings of the blower motor are worn out and need replacement.

It may also imply that the inducer motor is worn out. This is because when the blower motor parts are misaligned, this comes with an unusual sound. In such a case, the shaft may be faulty, and it’s best to consult furnace repair Toronto technicians. The team will examine the unit and advise on the best steps to take.

2. Shutting off constantly

Your furnace should run continuously. If it keeps on shutting off, there might be an issue with airflow. Multiple issues can impact the airflow; an example is dirty filters. If you don’t replace them often, the filters will accumulate dirt leading to clogging. This will also lead to the exchanger retaining a lot of heat, causing it to overheat.

Also, your thermostats parts may be dirty, or you may have set the heat anticipator incorrectly.

3. Furnace not turning on completely


No homeowner wants to stay without a furnace in winter. However, there are various reasons why yours won’t turn on. Although this may indicate malfunctioning, you can run few troubleshooting steps before calling a technician to furnace repair services. The reason could be;

  • Closed gas valve
  • The float switch is up
  • Power blackout
  • The finance needs resetting
  • Dirty igniter- when the furnace clicks but won’t light up.

If you check all these, and still your furnace won’t turn on, call a professional for help.

4. Poor air quality

The furnace can directly impact the quality of air in your home. If it’s not well maintained, it may circulate dirt, dust, bacteria, and other particles along with heated air. This way, you may notice more dirt in your indoors. And this can lead to frequent coughs, colds, and other respiratory infections. Although this may be seem easy to fix, you still need furnace repair Toronto technicians to clean the duct work.

5. Tripped carbon monoxide detector

troubleshooting furnace

Your furnace features a carbon monoxide detector to notify you of any toxic gases in your home. If the device goes off, turn the furnace off and open the windows. Moreover, contact the gas company or seek help from a skilled technician.

In summary

There are multiple signs to look out for if you suspect a faulty furnace in your home. If you notice the mentioned indicators, contact a furnace repair company to determine the issue. Only hire experienced technicians; this saves time and money in your home improvement project.

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