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How Can You Prevent Your Doors From Slamming?

You Prevent Your Doors From Slamming

Are slamming doors at home driving you mad? While we’ve all been stuck at home a lot recently, our homes might be starting to grate on us.

With many people doing home renovations of late and the housing market hotting up, why not tackle those slamming doors once and for all?

Ways to prevent doors from slamming

Below, we take a look at a few ways to fix the problem of slamming doors.

1. Check the hinges

hinges of door needs repair

Worn, loose and improperly installed door hinges can all contribute to an imbalance of your doors and creating slamming when they close.

Start by checking your hinges with a level and ensure the door is still flush with its frame. Then, set about tightening or replacing any hinges that are not fit for use.

2. Install door seals

Door seals are a fantastic way to muffle and dampen the slamming sound your doors make. You can install door sealing around all edges of a frame to help reduce the noise.

Alternatively, try to work out which part of the door creating the slamming sound and seal that edge only.

3. Invest in a door closer

door closer

A pneumatic door closer is a great tool for stopping your doors from slamming. The mechanism will slow down the closing of the door, helping it to close softly and in a less audible way.

Door closers are often seen in public buildings and offices and might be a little clunky in a home.

4. Use a pinch guard

Often sold as baby-proofing accessories, pinch guards are great for regulating door use and controlling slamming.

These can be ugly though and don’t generally complement home interiors, so it’s worth giving this option a bit more thought.

5. Get a doorstop


A doorstop is a great way to prop your doors open and stop them from slamming. When the door needs to be used, the doorstop will remind the person closing the door that it slams.

Doorstops are relatively inexpensive and a popular solution for slamming doors.

6. Remove unnecessary doors

Not all doors will be necessary in your home, so why not remove slamming doors that you don’t need.

It will also help to create an open and airy living space to enjoy as you wish. Living room and dining room doors are great candidates for removal in most homes and feature heavily in many new build homes in the UK.

Sorting a slamming door is quick and easy. So, cut out all the unnecessary banging and sort your slamming doors using our guide today.

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