Door signs – What They Mean and Why Are They So Important?

Door signs – What They Mean and Why Are They So Important

Signage, like business cards, are so different that we decided not to limit you in the choice, offering a few standard options, and immediately promising a lot more. With us you can order the plates of any size, shape, material of manufacture and with different methods of applying text and images. Any choice to your taste!

The signs are office, facade, advertising, information, street, gift – the list goes on and on. For their manufacture, we use different technologies, modern materials and equipment. With us you can order signs, plates, signs and signs for indoor and outdooDoor signs r use. If necessary, we will help you with the development of a logo, exclusive design or original inscriptions.

Making door signs

To navigate in unfamiliar office buildings, universities, clinics, schools, we always pay attention to the plates. In the offices, the plate on the door is a must: it will not only emphasize the solidity of the firm, will help a new customer to find the right person, but also cause a sense of trust in the applicant to the organization. For all these purposes, we offer a solution – door plates with the name of the office, name, position or department name. There are several methods of making office signs; this is because we produce signs in several different techniques. Popular types of signs: signs with 3D elements, stamped apartment numbers, room numbers in Braille (ADA). Materials we work with: acrylic, stainless steel and wood. Types of execution of such a variety of plates a lot. We can make you a plate with any text. When ordering overhead plates, you should consider how they are mounted on the office door or on the wall near the door of the office. Information plates are attached by several methods: plastic plates – on screws or screws; film plates – on double-sided adhesive tape; plates on a wooden substrate have notches on the back side for mounting on the protruding from the vertical surface of the head of the screw or hook.

Types of signs

Various kinds of signs can be found everywhere. It can be a door, facade plates, address signs that contain numbers of houses, hotel room signs, information inscriptions, ADA signs and you can find all these types of signs on our website At the same time in the production of signs their purpose is taken into account, and the production technology will depend on the material used. For example, with regard to entrance doors the most practical products will be made of plastic, as well as metal plates made of stainless steel. Inscriptions, images on them are applied by mechanical or laser engraving or using acrylic 3D elements.

Used materials for plates

Choice of one or another material depends mainly on future destination and future place of using plates. Here we went ahead and through a combination of materials and application techniques we made unique designs for the most popular interior styles.Acrylic is a staple – it’s easy to work with on the machine, it fits most interiors beautifully, and it’s affordable.

Also, signs can be made of wood. The wooden surface can also be used 3D elements with acrylic etc. But an external wooden sign will not be very reliable, because they are afraid of moisture and dampness. Before ordering the plate must decide where it will be used, which plays a role in selecting the optimal material.

The most popular designs are: Modern is a combination of stainless steel and acrylic – a classic, which will emphasize style, rigor and character of your room. Wave is a combination of wood and stainless steel. It’s a combination from extreme to extreme – combining the warmth and energy of wood and the goodness and rigor of steel. Laser-cut metal makes this wave softer and not so sharp, it has become a top seller for many years.

Materials of which we make signs:

  • acrylic white, black + 45 color,
  • silver and golden metallic acrylic,
  • frozen acrylic,
  • wood in 6 colors (can be customize),
  • golden and silver stainless steel.

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