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Duo grip blends design with ergonomics

DUO Grip


Christian T. Filostrat, San Francisco


Market is full of irons of various designs but, none you can say fulfills the requirements of everyone. Most of them come with enough weight to induce musculoskeletal disorders in people of different wrist and mobility abilities. The key is to design something that will fit everyone’s needs. Christian T. Filostrat, a student at ‘San Francisco State University’, has designed the concept ‘Duo clothing iron’, keeping in mind the idea that people with different abilities will be using the product.

What’s unique:

Duo is so unique in design that a person with normal wrist ability to a wheelchair user can hold the iron at different angle without much maneuver.

High Points:

High density foam using power tools, hand tools and sandpaper have been used to give final touch to its design.

User can enjoy two different ways to use it .He can either hold the traditional top grip or can access the back portion according to his suitability. Both are flexible to use.

A large cut at the centre is designed to make it extremely lightweight as compared to others. Therefore, people with different abilities can use it quite efficiently. You need not thrash your valuable clothing with your old and heavy iron anymore, instead you can now use highly sophisticated and modern DUO to iron your delicate shirts crisp and firm .

Whether you are standing or sitting, the lightweight and multiple grip option allows you to iron clothes comfortably at every possible angle.