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Eco friendly shading system for green homes

complaint shading enclosure

Brent Vander Werf has designed an eco friendly shading system for green homes. It’s a Compliant Shading Enclosure that is powered by Sun. The amount of light, sun, shade and shadow entering your room is regulated properly by the movable mechanism created within the air-gap of the glass enclosure. The energy it sucks from the sun helps the functioning, expansion or closure that too accurately to meet the desired comfort level. The solar powered shading system utilizes a bi-metal element that’s bonded to high expansion and low expansion alloys. In case there is a slight change in the temperature, the alloys start producing an opposing force that leads to the deformation and rotation of the element. If you’re worrying about the maintenance of the system then I would ask you to stop for the system requires no maintenance. Once the proper installation and adjusting the parameters of the alloys is done, you’ve actually done your part. And yes, the cool solar system can suit any climate which means whichever part of the world you’re in, you can use the solar shading system efficiently.

Via: Gizmodo/Archdaily