Electrolux Twin Clean: Just what you wanted desperately

new vacuum cleaner from electrolux

While vacuum cleaners reduce your workload and help you maintain a clean home, cleaning the vacuum cleaner is a big task by itself. Who loves to clean the vacuum dust bag filters and get sick? Well, Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances comes to your rescue with the launch of its new product ‘Twin Clean’ sans vacuum bag filters. The device is a self-cleaner and since there are no bag filters to be cleaned, no added tasks for you. The colours, green pistachio, orange and fuchsia and the transparent design are so tempting that even the laziest bone would want to pick it up and give it a try. All ergonomics are taken care of to give you the maximum comfort. The new series Twin Clean comes in 3 models: 8234 Z, Z 8223 and Z 8211, each has metallic telescope tube with adjustable extension and the option of horizontal or vertical parking. I would love to swap my good ol’ vacuum cleaner for this funky one.

Via: DecoEstilo

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