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Energy efficient Leotus A/C for green homes

Leotus A/C

Leotus A/C is an innovative modular design of an air conditioner that is not only energy efficient but also does not block windows like regular window-fitted air conditioners. It has been designed by Eunice & Yi and can be fitted beneath your window very conveniently, giving a very aesthetic appeal to the room with its sleek form. It also works quietly due to its double loop mechanism whereby the inner unit stores the cold air and circulates it indoors and the outer unit produces the cold temperature. Both these units are joined together by way of a connector bridge.

Leotus Home Cooling is a leading company that designs and manufactures unique air condition units, giving the regular air conditioners a very aesthetic and modern look with great features too. With this A/C you can have the convenience of your window restored. Air conditioners have become a necessity during harsh summers and Leotus has revolutionized the design of this basic necessity altogether. This A/C can allow you to have great air conditioning without having disturbed the interiors of room with its easy installation procedure.