How to Ensure That You Have Bought the Perfect Pressure Cooker


Whether you do not feel like cooking, or find it really tough to tender the ‘tough’ meat cuts, or need to cook the longer-than-usual time taking veggies and legumes really fast, all you will need is to pressure-cook them! Get your stews, curries, and cakes made almost real time by choosing the best pressure cooker.

When it comes to do wonder with pressure cookers, all you need is to have a recipe book, and a desire to stick to the measurements mentioned there.

Size Matters

When searching for the best pressure cooker for your kitchen, you have to consider its size first. Premium quality products are available in various size options. Choosing the incorrect size can leave you with frustrating cooking results. On the contrary, an ideal-sized product that corresponds to the number of family members can become your favorite aide-in-kitchen. You can find cookers of varying capacities. The ‘capacity’ here refers to the amount of liquid that it can accommodate.

Also, you have to keep in mind that you cannot use more than ½ to 2/3rd of the total space for cooking. The extra space left is required for the steam to form. Generally, pressure cookers are available in three different size options. The four-quart variety is great for couples and singles. You can also use it to make a single side dish. Families that have more than two members love the six-quarts pressure cooker. In fact, it is one of the most popular pressure cooker sizes. You can buy eight-quarts products if you have a large family or friends to cook for.

In addition to these, you can also find 16, 18, as well as 23 quarts pressure cookers. These are, however, more effective in canning low acid foods in pint jars or quart.

The Durability Question

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Buying pressure cooker is a long-term investment. Therefore, it is more than important to do a background check on the company that you are buying your products from. Look for the warranties that they have to over. However, very few companies include replacement of pressure cooker parts in their warranty conditions.

So, it makes sense to choose a company that will always stock on accessories and replacement parts for every model of cookers that they sell. Furthermore, if you are buying a stainless-steel product, then go for something that bears the mark of 18/10 stainless steel. This means it contains 10% nickel and 18% chromium, which provides extra durability.

Other Important Considerations

A number of pressure cooker recipes require the use of certain accessories. For example, it calls for a cooking rack and a steamer basket. So when it comes to buying the best pressure cooker that gives you the perfect value for money, you can think of a unit that readily comes with one or two important accessories. Also, if you buy a big-sized pressure cooker, then go for something that contains two handles.

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