7 Reasons Home Automation is Totally Worth the Investment

Smart Home Security System

Home automation has become very popular over the past few years. More and more homeowners are choosing to automate several functions and operations in their home via connected technology. If you plan to install a home automation system in your home in the near future, here are some reasons why your investment will be totally worth every cent you put into it.

Increase in Property Value

increase property value

Experts have pointed out that with increasing demand for home automation systems in the market, a home which already contains such a system will experience a drastic increase in property value. Homes with smart home automation technology offer that ‘wow’ factor many customers want in their houses. These homes are energy efficient as well. Above all, they offer a plethora of customized features that every homeowner will absolutely love.

Futuristic Electronic Infrastructure

Nest Learning Thermostat

By choosing to install a home automation system, you are making your home ready for the future. Experts have pointed out that in about 10 years or so, every other home in the U.S. will be equipped with multiple home automation accessories.  Smart thermostats, climate control systems, smart lighting systems, wireless music and mobile control will become a common sight. With the proper infrastructure in place earlier on, you can choose to add new devices and features to the automation system on the go.

Enhanced Security

Smart Home Security System

One of the main benefits of a home automation system is the enhanced security options it comes with. Home automation offers enhanced protection to your home and your family. In addition to features like 24 hour CCTV monitoring, an automation system will send alerts to your smartphone in the case of a break in. It will also allow you to control all the security features of your home remotely via your smartphone.

Enhanced Lighting, Heating, Cooling Functions


Home automation systems offer owners an array of lighting controls. The user can personally control every single light of the house. He can use a remote to control the light. He can also schedule it to turn on/off automatically at a particular time. Same is the case with home’s HVAC system. It can also be integrated with the home automation system to keep indoor temperature at optimum levels irrespective of the weather outside.

Enhanced Media Functions

Home Theater

Smart home automation system is a boon for home theater lovers. It offers several ways to boost media functions. This system will help you in doing things like switching on/off the television automatically, closing/opening the blinds, and reducing/increasing the intensity of the lighting in the room when needed. It will provide an exemplary home theater experience for all the movie buffs.

Enhanced Moisture and Humidity Detection


Another big advantage of home automation system is its ability to spot problems in the house that otherwise remain hidden from your eyes. For instance, a leak that would otherwise go unnoticed can be easily spotted by the home’s automation system. Using humidity and moisture sensors throughout the house, the automation system will pick up any leaks or mold buildup that can be treated effectively before the problems become worse. This allows homeowners to indulge in preventive measures to keep their homes safe.

Enhanced Lifestyle

Trends in Home Automation (1)

There is no denying the fact that a smart home automation system will provide homeowners with an enhanced lifestyle. It will completely change their lives. Home automation system will automate a number of functions. It will prepare the bath for you, do your laundry, do the dishes, water your plants and so on. This will automatically improve your lifestyle and add a ‘cool’ factor on top of it.


Smart home automation systems are becoming a mainstay in many homes today owing to the myriad benefits they offer. In addition to increasing the home’s property value, these systems help providing a ‘wow’ factor to the homes that attracts potential buyers immediately.

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