Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets vs Cotton Sheets: Comprehensive Comparison


Many people often have difficulty choosing between cotton and eucalyptus sheets. These two styles of bed sheets are incredibly popular, with many famous brands producing these products. Here is a comprehensive comparison if you’re currently wondering whether you should go with eucalyptus sheets or cotton sheets.

1. Eucalyptus is More Biodegradable Than Cotton

Eucalyptus-is-More-BiodegradableWhen it comes to environmentally friendly bed sheets,eucalyptus sheets are the clear winner. Many people have concerns about how their choices in bed sheets may impact the environment. Cotton takes much longer than eucalyptus to biodegrade, which means the material has a stronger impact on the environment. In comparison, eucalyptus sheets biodegrade at a much faster pace than cotton. If you want to lower your environmental impact, you should go with eucalyptus bed sheets.

2. Eucalyptus Dries Quicker Than Cotton

Eucalyptus sheets dry at twice the rate of cotton sheets. The reason why eucalyptus dries much quicker is mostly due to the inherent nature of the eucalyptus plant. The plant is found in arid parts of the world, which makes eucalyptus a dry material withstand long periods of direct sunlight. Although cotton has similar features, it isn’t to the same extent as eucalyptus. Hence, although cotton dries relatively quickly in the sun, it’s nowhere near as quick as eucalyptus.

When looking to lower the total time you have to wait to dry out your bed sheets, you should consider buying eucalyptuslyocell sheets. The time that you spend waiting for your bed sheets to dry can add up as each month passes. You could save countless hours by going with a bed sheet that dried quicker than cotton sheets in a single year.

3. Eucalyptus Production is Better for the Environment Than Cotton

Eucalyptus Production is Better for the Environment Than CottonCommercial cotton production is notorious for being incredibly harmful to the environment. The plant only requires a considerable amount of water; it is often treated with many toxic industrial chemicals. The cotton that is used to construct many bed sheet products has undergone many stages of chemical treatment. The manufacturers of cotton bed sheets often coat the material with harmful compounds that make the sheets more water-resistant.

In contrast to cotton production, the vast majority of eucalyptus production is environmentally friendly. For one thing, eucalyptus does not require anywhere near as much water to grow. The inherent characteristics of eucalyptus also mean that heavy chemical coatings are not necessary. Features such as water resistance are already part of the eucalyptus plant itself, so it does not need to be amplified through industrial chemicals. If you want bed sheets that are better for the environment and uses fewer chemicals, you should choose eucalyptus lyocellbed sheets.

4. Eucalyptus Lasts Longer than Cotton

Bed sheets should last a few years at a bare minimum; however, plenty of cotton sheets become unusable in around a year. The many low-quality cotton sheets currently available are made using weak and unreliable cotton materials, which makes them very susceptible to tearing. Lots of people that buy cheap cotton sheets are often astonished at how quickly the sheets begin to tear, making them practically useless.

Eucalyptus is a much more durable material than cotton, which makes it naturally last longer. Many people that bought high-quality eucalyptus bed sheets a few years ago still use the same bed sheets today. The vast majority of people that use eucalyptus sheets find that the product doesn’t degrade over time. If you want something that lasts for many years, eucalyptus is the way to go.

5. Eucalyptus is Softer Than Cotton

Eucalyptus is Softer Than CottonMany people mistakenly believe that cotton is the softest material available when it comes to bed sheets. In reality, there are plenty of other materials you can use for bed sheets that are much softer than cotton. Eucalyptus bed sheets are known throughout the country for being profoundly softer than cotton. Considering that many bed sheet buyers are looking for something comfortable and soft, it’s easy to see why many consumers are buying more eucalyptus sheets.

The many chemicals used in the production of cotton sheets make the product incredibly rough and hard. When companies try to make cotton-sheets more resistant to stains and water, they end up reducing the softness of the product. In contrast, eucalyptus sheets don’t require any chemicals for features such as water resistance. Due to the lack of chemicals used in the production of sheets made from eucalyptus, the bed sheets end up feeling much softer than cotton sheets.

6. Eucalyptus has a Better Value for Money Than Cotton.

Bed sheets can become very expensive, especially when you buy luxury cotton bed sheets with high thread counts. However, the value for money you get when buying these expensive bed sheets is often questionable. Luxury cotton sheets are still produced using harmful chemicals is a big concern for many consumers. Ultimately, just because a bed sheet product has a high thread count does not make it a good value for money.

Eucalyptus sheets have much better value for money than cotton sheets. Although eucalyptus bed sheets might cost more than the cheapest cotton sheets available, they cost much less than luxury cotton bed sheets. When you consider the fact that eucalyptus sheets will last longer than cotton sheets, it’s easy to see why many consumers think going with eucalyptus is better value for money. When looking to maximize the value you get for your bed sheet purchase, you should always use eucalyptus.

7. Eucalyptus is More Beneficial for Health and Wellbeing Than Cotton

Eucalyptus is More Beneficial for Health and WellbeingUnlike cotton, using sheets made from eucalyptus could be highly beneficial for your sleep related wellbeing. Cotton sheets don’t provide you with many health benefits, which is mainly due to the extensive chemicals used in producing cotton sheets. In comparison, eucalyptus sheets are fantastic for your general health.

Eucalyptus has natural antibacterial properties, which means using eucalyptus bed sheets comes with many health benefits. Your bed sheets will be much cleaner than cotton sheets and will have a therapeutic effect on your skin. Also, the antibacterial properties of eucalyptus will help you keep your bed free of nasty germs.

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