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Exterior Signs of Structural Damage — Check for These Signs

Exterior Signs of Structural Damage

Ways to Identify Structural Defects in a House

Before selling your house or buying a new one, pay attention to all the features and flaws of the building. There are several structural problems that may become a huge obstacle to the quick sale of a building. You can find them yourself or contact the specialists of the Scott James company for assistance. To fix the flaws of the glass units, use the services of Sash windows specialists. To solve other problems, look for narrow-focused specialists.

The most common signs of structural damage outside the house

Roof leaksThe house may either have minor defects or those that require urgent intervention. Among the latter are the following:

  • Cracks: Small cracks in the plaster on the walls. But if you take a closer look at the surface, you may see that the house is sinking from several sides. Cracks may go in any direction, both horizontal and vertical. Serious damage may lead to foundation problems.
  • Sticking windows and doors: If the glass unit doesn’t swing open as easily as before, the house may be sinking.
  • Uneven walls: At the first inspection of the house, you won’t be able to detect this problem, it appears over time. If the walls must be straight but is gradually bending, this indicates an incorrect structure of the house or foundation.
  • Roof leaks: Roof replacement is required approximately every 30 years. If the service life has not yet ended but there are obvious leaks, the problem may be the misalignment of the beams. Load-bearing walls begin to gradually change their positions, which leads to problems throughout the house.

To ensure safety in a building, it is necessary to determine if there is any structural damage in it. Minor flaws will make the house uncomfortable to live in, while more serious defects will lead to the building collapse.

Signs of foundation issues inside the house

foundation issuesThe foundation is the basis of the house, so it should be perfect. But the cracks may appear in those places where the walls and the floor surfaces join. The soil around the building may lose its original properties and sink. Another frequent problem is improper drainage system.

If the house is built in an area with high humidity, some of the moisture goes into the soil, which expands and contracts. Therefore, if the foundation is made incorrectly, there will be obvious cracks on the ground.

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