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World’s most famous haunted houses

Haunted houses fascinate almost everybody. The stories related to such houses itself send chills down the spine. The eerie aura that surrounds the house not only creates an atmosphere of horror but also intrigues many people. There are many magnanimous and mysterious houses in the world that have a haunting reputation.  Although these houses still retain their original beauty and charm; the very fact that they are haunted covers these houses in layers of mysteries. Here is our list of the most famous haunted houses

112 ‘The Amityville Horror’ Ocean Avenue House 

This is one of the most famous haunted houses in the world;  and, as the famous movie The Amityville Horror is based on this very house. The story of the house begins with Ronald DeFeo, Jr. fatally shooting six members of his family at the house. The guy is still in a jail in New York. However, in December 1975, a family that was staying there fled the house. As per their claims, they underwent different kind of tortures. From foul smells, to faces at the windows, moving objects and various other bizarre phenomena.

The legendary Amityville house is a charming 3-story waterfront and Dutch style house; that commands beautiful views of the river. The renovated boat house, gas heating systems, the roof, the windows, the deck, the patio and etc. etc. have been described to be the special and improved features of the house. Amityville Horror House listed for sale for $1.15 million

House listed for sale with a ghost nicknamed Tom

There are some weird people in the world, but we can’t help it; sanity and insanity comes hand in hand, in this case at least. In 2000 Mr. Ronson and his wife of South Wales put up their house for a sale;  but with a condition that the ghost will stay in the house. Apparently, the husband and the wife had grown so fond of the ghost that they had nicknamed him Tom. Cute isn’t it?

Sydney’s Gothic Mansion came with a ghost of a lady in white

When put up for sale in 2009; the Abbey in Annandale was expected to fetch $10 million in its sale. This 50 room Gothic mansion with original Victorian features with the resident ghost of a lady in white were part of the package. The other odd things in this house were: Doors open and windows close on their own, visitors see dark shadowy figures, and the Lady in White roams the halls.

Nicolas Cage’s most famous haunted houses of New Orleans

What was Nicolas Cage thinking when he bought the house, I am sure it must be so painful to shell out millions for a home that ghosts inhabit. The LaLaurie Mansion was put up for sale in 2009 at an auction; in the later part of the year. Originally built for French royalty, this mansion’s ghost stories start in the 1830s with the LaLaurie family and their sadistic slave abuse.

Haunted house in Ghost Town where a ghost whispered

This haunted adobe house in Cuchillo, New Mexico was not only put up for sale; however, some in fact even bought it on ebay a in October 2009. Josh Bond owned the home in the middle of the ghost town, Cuchillo. Even after the paranormal investigators confirmed that this was a haunted house; he still put it up for sale. Apparently, he saw an old lady cooking in the kitchen. Apart from that; he also heard firewood being piled into the pot-bellied stove. The scariest thing that happend to him was when someone whispered into his ear.

Haunted Pickfair Estate for $60 million

Apparently it is still up for sale for $60 million. This house, originally built for Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks; the silent movie stars in Beverly Hills. They built a mansion on the land where originally stood a hunting cabin. The couple divorced in 1936; but Pickford remained in the home, becoming more and more reclusive until her death in 1979. When Israeli businessman Meshulam Riklis and his wife purchased the home in 1988; they rebuilt the entire house, because of the termite infestation. Although the original house is no longer there; it is said that Pickford’s ghost is seen waiting to reconcile with Fairbanks; who has also been spotted on the property.

Pickens County Courthouse one of the famous haunted houses

The Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton, Alabama; is a courthouse in west Alabama. This ghosthouse is famous famous for a ghostly image that many people see in one of its windows. People believe; the image that they saw was the face of Henry Wells. Legend has it that people had falsely accused of burning down the town’s previous courthouse. On a stromy night in 1878;he had been lynched.

Borley Reactory

Paranormal investigator Harry Price describes this place as Britain most haunted house . With a reputation that goes back to 1937; people who have stayed here have experienced unsettling paranormal phenomenons. Borley Rectory was a Victorian era mansion located in the village of Borley, Essex, England. It was constructed in 1863; on the site of a previous rectory, and destroyed by fire in 1939.

Whaley ‘the gallows’ House

Thomas Whaley and his family once occupied this house in Old Town, San Diego. Now a museum, the haunting stories with this place is the main reason for it’s infamous reputation. As per the reports, the first every siting of a ghost; was that of James “Yankee Jim” Robinson.  If you turn the pages back in time to 1852; James hung himself on this property. Before he bought the land; it was used as gallows.

Raynham Hall

This country house in Norfolk, England provides the most famous ghost photo of all time, Brown Lady descending the staircase. For 300 years this house has been the seat of the Townshend family.

Howsham Hall, the cursed house

Word has it, the hauntings in this house; is all because of a curse. In 2009, with a price tag of £6m; this house was put for sale. The most interesting fact is that this 400 year old property; in it’s entire history, this house has been put for sale only four times.  As per myths, there is a curse on this property . According to the curse of Kirkham ‘All male heirs of the estate will perish’ and ‘true happiness will never come to that family or its successors’.

Mangolia mansion – famous haunted houses in the world

Alexander Harris built this house in 1875 for his bride. In the same year, she died of yellow fever. In 2009, this New Orleans proper was up for sale.

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