Features you should look for when buying electric radiator for your home office

If you work from home, one of the main issues you may be facing is to keep your home office warm. Working from home may mean that you have an office in a garden shed or a space above a garage, which is not connected to the central heating of the house. So if you want to just turn on the heating for your workspace, it makes sense to buy an electric radiator which will warm your home office, thereby increasing your comfort and productivity levels.

Read on to find out what you should look for when you’re buying an electric radiator:

Size of the area to be heated


Size of the room to be heated is one of the most important things to consider while buying an electric radiator as they function optimally depending on room size. You need to measure the space to heat accurately as any discrepancy will affect the required power.

Radiator fan

Radiator fans are available in mechanical or electrical versions. Radiators with electrical fans are the preferred choice as mechanical fans consume more power and your electricity bill would be higher.

Wide tubes

Check that the radiator has tubes as wide as possible to carry the required volume of coolant, and sturdy enough so that the tubes don’t break down easily. Moreover, before making a purchase, ensure that the coolant is able to flow freely through the radiator and pipes.

Thermostat control

Electric radiators have the advantage of being fitted with thermostats as they can control the temperature efficiently. The best electric radiator for home office will be one which has an electronic thermostat as it is much more accurate. Once you have measured the area to heat, you can buy a radiator which is higher up in power than the one recommended for the room size you specify, if you’re in doubt. The radiator heating will be stopped by the thermostat once the temperature you specify is reached.

Aluminum body

Pastel retro color of windows illuminated empty room with radiator

Electric radiators which have an aluminum body are better as they are good heat conductors, will not rust, and are lightweight but strong. Electric radiators with cast aluminum bodies are also available for your perusal.

The technology inside

Electric radiators are available in a wide variety of designs and are built using different technology. There are radiators which use “dry technology” which heat up using minimum energy. Some manufacturers use fluid as the heating medium and others use stone or ceramic block to heat up the radiator’s body. You can buy the electric radiator depending on your budget or technology you prefer.

Look factor

Electric radiators look good with slimline bodies, which take up little space compared to storage heaters. Electric radiators come in a wide variety of designs; so, you can choose one which grabs your attention.

Electric radiators have many benefits. They are easily controlled, cheaper than fan heaters, more energy efficient, and, thus save you money on your electric bill.

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