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Fighting Off Your Dog’s Hair from Your Home

If you have a dog at home, then you will probably relate to every dog owner’s woes of keeping the home clean. The health issues caused by their falling hair as well as the bacteria, dust and pet dander they bring indoors from their walks can drive you up the wall. However, all is not lost when it comes to keeping your home free of your dog’s falling hair. Here are some tips to help you fight off your dog’s hair from your home.

Vacuum Religiously


If you have a dog at home, then you definitely need to have a vacuum as well. With a dog running around the house, the need to vacuum the house regularly also increases. It is considered wise to vacuum the carpet, sofas, chairs, beds and other upholstery every day (at least every other day) to remove any hair or dust that might have fallen off your dog’s body.

Hair left on these areas for long intervals tend to get stuck between the deeper fibers and become very hard to remove afterwards. Moreover, the constant use of these items helps the hair to get pressed inside the fibers, making it literally impossible to be removed. So vacuum regularly to remove your dog’s hair as and when some fall on the carpet and other upholstery.

Use Wet Gloves


Not many dog owners know of this really handy tip for removing hair from carpets and upholstery. This simple technique requires the use of a pair of rubber gloves. Wear the gloves and then sprinkle some water on your hands. Slowly run your hands over the entire carpet, moving in one direction as you go.

The dog hair stuck on the surface of the carpet will either stick to the gloves and come away with it, or get rubbed off to end up in one corner of the carpet/floor. This way, you can easily get rid of unwanted hair on the carpet as well as other upholstery in your home. This method works great for hair stuck on the surface of the carpets and works better than a vacuum in certain cases.

Cover up Areas

woman holding dog

Your dog will no doubt fix a few areas in your home for play, rest and other purposes. Identify these areas and try covering them up with a cloth or sheet. For instance, if your dog loves to nap on the sofa, consider covering it with a sheet. This will keep the dog’s hair from landing up on the sofa. You can use a couple of sheets for the same purpose and wash them regularly to keep them clean and odor free.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

This is another tip that will help reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds on a daily basis. Apply dry shampoo onto the dog’s fur and then brush the same gently. Any loose hairs will immediately fall off, making it easier for you to dispose them when compared to vacuuming or plucking them of the carpet or sofa. Follow this schedule first thing every morning to ensure that your dog experiences minimal hair fall throughout the day.

Get Pet Hair Removal Tools


You can always choose to get specific tools designed to help reduce hair fall as well as clean up fallen hair. Some of the more commonly used products for the same purposes include pet hair rollers, hair removal sponges, rubber rakes and pet hair magnets. You can choose to get all of these products or just one. Experiment with all of them though in order to choose the product that best removes the hair from carpets, sofas and beds. 

Having a dog at home means you will need to clean your home regularly to keep pet hair and dander away. In addition to cleaning your home regularly, buying pet hair removal tools and following these tips will ensure that your home remains free of pet hair and the issues it brings along.

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