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Going a Bit Off The Beaten Path In Chandelier Placement

Chandeliers are truly a sign of luxury and glamour. The rainbows formed by the hanging crystals look amazing and gives you a feel of stepping into a French chateau or in a movie scene. Most of us like to have a chandelier in our house but placing it a proper “place” is a challenging task. Although, capable of making any room feel more stunning and attractive, here are some suggestions of places in your home, where you can hang your Chandelier to look extraordinary.

  1. Placing outdoors


Out of all formal places, you can hang your chandelier outside your house. It is a good idea to hang them on the patio, where you can enjoy a nice meal with your family and friends. You can also use a chandelier in your garden, where you can spend your afternoon while escaping a sunny day. Moreover, if you have a backyard garden with a stylish dining set in the place, then hanging a chandelier over the table will add a charming touch to your private garden.

  1. Bedroom


Installing a chandelier in a bedroom is a common idea. However, placing it exactly above the bed will give your master bedroom a more romantic and elegant feel. You should buy a chandelier that best suits your room’s decor. There are many designs of chandeliers that are available, such as crystal chandeliers and soft-glow bulb chandeliers.

  1. Bathroom


Hanging a chandelier in your bathroom looks awesome, especially if you place it above the bathtub. Moreover, it will create a relaxing atmosphere and gives you a spa-like feeling. Ensure that the chandelier matches your bathroom’s style as well as your personal taste. You can also install a dimmer switch to make your light soften with lighting a few candles around the bathtub. The soft glow of the chandelier will make your bathing experience more relaxing and soothing.

  1. Poolside


If you have an indoor pool, then you can add it with a beautiful chandelier to get a total WOW factor. Warm up the looks of your pool by hanging a chandelier, which is huge and have a modern design statement. You must consider the damp rating of a chandelier before buying it for your poolside.

  1. Kitchen


A kitchen is the best place to hang a chandelier, where people, who love cooking, spend a lot of time. You can hang several mini-chandeliers in your kitchen to make it more bright and stylish. However, to give your kitchen a unique look you can install one large chandelier. It will become the heart of your kitchen and draws more attention of people visiting your house. Installing a chandelier in your kitchen will light up your cooking space with some fancy lighting.

  1. In the closet


Most of us might not have a walk in closet, but for those that do, can light up your space with a new chandelier. Hang a chandelier to replace the dull old flush-mount fixture from your closet. A closet is a perfect place try something new. Go for a trendy and stylish chandelier for your closet, which most times remain hidden behind a closed door.

  1. Near stairways


Chandeliers look beautiful near stairways. A sparkly chandelier completes the looks of a stairway for sure. Moreover, a stairway is a perfect place to hang a chandelier, which becomes the center of attraction when you use stairs.

Placing a chandelier depends on the type of chandelier that you have. There are perfect spots in your home where a chandelier will look amazing and glamorous. Hanging the chandelier in a spot where you spent most of your time would be a great idea.

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