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Finding the Best Long-Distance Moving Company for You


You, certainly, wouldn’t hire just anybody off the street to move your family across the country. A major concern is, how precisely does one locate the best long-distance moving company in the midst of the considerably large options? It’s ideal to have a strong checklist of criteria that can help you find a team of long-distance movers who will make your move a smooth and seamless process. Here are things to consider:

1. License and Insurance

Long-Distance-Moving-CompanyThis ought to be an easy decision. However, the best national moving companies ought to be able to quickly and easily give proof of their licensure and insurance with zero effort. You can check a mover’s license on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s site. You don’t necessarily have to do that research yourself. In a perfect world, the organization should have its FMCSA license number shown for customers’ verification of license and insurance.

2. Establishment and experience

The best long-distance movers didn’t arrive in such a state overnight – they have gone through years fine-tuning their process, preparing their staff, and minimizing mistakes. With regards to interstate moves, there are more details that a company needs to think about that aren’t associated with a local move. Crossing state border, for one, requires extra licenses and paperwork. Your belongings likewise have further to travel, so the company must be sure that everything is well secured and stable for the takeoff. Try not to leave your move-over to novices!

3. Price quote and moving cost

Price quote and moving costAn estimate given verbally holds no weight in the realm of moving services. So, when comparing the expenses related with each long-distance moving company, ensure you realize that you’re contrasting one type with its logical counterpart. The most appraised cross-country moving companies are clear and transparent about the cost of moving long-distance and give a line-by-line breakdown of their quote. Do movers want to simply give you a number without disclosing to you what it entails? Time to look somewhere else.

4. Reviews

It is an obvious fact that good services inspire good reviews. So, search for an interstate moving company that has a decent reputation as indicated by their customers. The FMCSA website will offer safety reviews. The Better Business Bureau, among other business platforms, will also provide reviews and nowadays, even Google will give customers experience information. Remember that no company can get away from a bad review or two; yet, they shouldn’t be the larger part!

5. Are there red flags?

Long-Distance-Moving-CompanyArranging a long-distance move doesn’t appear as though it ought to be so complicated. However, sadly, there are those who might exploit your logistical needs to extort you. Be careful about any company that requires a cash or a bizarrely enormous deposit prior to the move, especially if they request that it be wired online. Avoid companies that don’t have an open record of business, appear in a rental truck or unmarked vehicle, or who demand to do all arrangements and business via telephone. Ensure all correspondences, commitments, and payments can be easily tracked!

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