5 Tips for Decorating Your Living Room on a Budget

Decorating Your Living Room on a Budget

The living room is a very central room of the home, and can often be the one you spend the most time not sleeping in, when you’re at home. It is a place for spending time with family, entertaining friends, or just having a bit of downtime after a long day at work.

As it is such an important room for all the reasons mentioned above, it is imperative that you create a space of comfort but also one you’d feel proud to show guests when they visit. If you’re working on a tight budget, sometimes achieving this seems like an insurmountable problem but we’re here to tell you there are some creative yet budget friendly ways to really make your living room look great.

We’ve put together five of what we consider to be some of the most effective (and cost effective) ways to jazz up your living room, giving an end result of comfort and style.

Add a Plant or Two

Add a Plant or TwoOne of the simplest and cheapest ways to instantly add color and vibrancy to a room is to add a brightly colored plant. Something green will do the job, but you’d be even better served by a low maintenance flowering plant like the African Violet. They need just enough water to keep the soil damp and are great indoors as they do not need a lot of sunlight either. You can even buy specific pots which will keep an African Violet watered for weeks without any attention on your part.

The added bonus is that they are very attractive plants, with beautiful flowers in vibrant deep colors and very interesting looking leaves. They bloom all year round, making them the perfect addition to any living room décor.

Family Photos on Canvas Prints

The living room is also known as the family room, so what better place to celebrate and remember great moments with your family? Get together with your family, friends and/or flatmates and go through all the photos you have collected over the years. Pick out a few of your best and get them printed on canvas, extra points if you can find some great shots that will add a lot of color to the room.

Canvas prints are a cheap yet effective way to break up blank spaces of wall and add some extra color to the (usually white) walls. Cheaper than breaking the bank on professional artwork, and they come with a lot more meaning.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint has long been considered the number one thing to do when looking to sell your home, as it adds immediate value. So why not take advantage of the same process to jazz up your living room? If a full repaint is too much to consider, then another option is to freshen up the look of your living room by painting your skirting boards, window frames and ceiling molding in matching colors.

If you get your color scheme right, you’ve immediately modernized your whole living room for the cost of a small pot of paint and some brushes.

Matching Cushion Covers with Paint

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and paint your skirting boards, etc a vibrant new color, the next step is to create yourself some new cushion covers which match the new color. Not only will this be super cheap if you can sew them yourself, but the matching colors will give the style of the room a huge boost.

Upgrade your Lighting

Upgrade your LightingIf your living room doesn’t get great natural light during the day, another easy addition to the room is a new set of lamps. Get something modern, preferably upward facing and fit them with soft white incandescent bulbs. The clean white light will give the room a more modern feel both day and night, and the added light will further showcase all your style additions.

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